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Good morning,

I have a question for the manual lenses experts on the Forum.... I know this lens is fairly rare. Any idea on its performance and value? I might have found one for sale.

Thanks to all!

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It's only rare because it was around at a time when most users were moving to the 28mm. Manufacturers still had a 35mm in their ranges but they were on the way out. Really rare will be the M series 35mm f1.4 which never made it into the marketplace, although I believe a few examples do exist.

It should be a fine lens, as we would expect from any marque 35mm lens of its day.
Best regards, John


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I had the M 35mm f/2 but sold it because it wasn't any better
than a zoom lens
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Thanks John and Algi! Thanks to your advice I kept my LBA under control today....

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I Have the A 35mm/2.8 version. Nothing exciting
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I have the A35-f2 as well... My copy however is in need of repair...
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