Any recommendations for decent 3rd party M42-to-Pentax-K mount adapters?


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I've been looking at some cheap M42 lenses for my K-5 but I'm put off by the insane cost of the proprietary Pentax adapter - 65 for a ring of metal seems nuts.

I would have thought a very well machined piece of decent grade metal could turn a manufacturer a decent profit at a 3rd of that price.

However, I've read a comment about them suggesting that a friend of a friend's nephew's flat mate once had a 3rd party copy lock up in his nice shiny K-5 body.

So has anyone ever compared versions and can anyone recommend a decent copy/source?

Thanks a lot for any help anyone can offer.
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The Pentax originals are certainly much better quality than the 3rd party versions - many of which do not allow infinity focus

I had 2 Pentax originals - sold one last month for 39.

If interested - happy to sell my remaining one for the same price - and will throw in an M42 2x tele converter that is no use to me now I have sold all my M42 lenses

Let me know very soon if interested as I know somebody else who is looking for one as well.

No matter how many lenses I have owned - I have always needed just one more


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Hey Fritz, thanks a lot for the offer. I'll hold off for the time being as there are some coming up on auction sites, but if I end up with noting and you still have yours in a few days I'll be getting touch.
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Put a wanted ad on the forum sale section .. I have sold a few original Pentax adapters for 25 plus postage. Don't think they are worth more than that tbh.
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Thanks Mike, will do.
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There are a number of decent quality M42 adapters to be found on eBay from 'name' manufacturers, that fit well and focus to infinity. I purchased a brand new adapter manufactured by Kood and it was around 6.50GBP delivered. I think Hama used to make a pretty decent copy.

There are also lots of no name items that do not focus to infinity that should probably be avoided.

Regards - Steve
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I was eventually able to buy a very good (secondhand) real Pentax adapter on eBay for a reasonable amount. Previous to that, I had bought a Kood and a Jessops. I had, and still have, reservations about the Kood. The Jessops, found on eBay quite cheaply, seems as good as the Pentax one.

This topic comes up regularly. I contributed some detailed impressions of the Kood and Jessops adapters on 19 Feb 2011. See link.

No need to pay over 60 quid for a new Pentax one.

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Hi Martin, I have just read your earlier post. The Kood adapter you describe is quite different to the one I purchased. I bought mine in 2009. It was not painted and looked like and performed identically to an original Pentax adapter.

Regards - Steve


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I have four '3rd party' adaptors all permanently fixed to M42 lenses, including a fairly substantial old Tamron 300mm Adaptamatic. If you choose the right seller and fit these properly (remove the spring clip if you need them permanently attached) you will have no issues. Mine cost me around 6.50 each (they've gone up a little now), they fit very snugly with no slack and are the type that fit flush to retain infinity focus. A link to the ebay seller is below:


I have had others which are nothing like as good, but the ones I have now make my M42 lenses as easy to use as K-mount ones.


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I put a 3rd party adapter on once.... took me 4 hours to get it off!
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Thanks for all the replies. David, that's the sort of post I was hoping for!

Algernon, that's not the sort of post I was hoping for!

Food for thought.
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