645 AF Lenses - Advice required


Link Posted 30/01/2003 - 10:07
Recently got a 645nII excellnt results so far but need 2 new lenses. I want the AF version and I need a wide angle and a small tele 150 - 200. Anyone any experience or suggestions with these and what are their + or - points? In reality how good are they?


Link Posted 30/01/2003 - 23:01
I use a 645n with, at the moment, only the 75mm AF lens. The quality of this is very high indeed. I have also had experience of the 80-160 manual zoom, but I feel this lens is too big and heavy.

I too am planning to expand my lens range. For a wide angle I am looking at the 35mm or 45mm. For the short tele lens I was lookin at the 150mm, but the way my studio portraits are evolving I need to get in very close, so I may well opt for the 120mm Macro lens instead.

I expect all these lenses to be of the highest calibre. A 20"x16" black and white or colour print should be no problem at all. Certainly the quality is significantly better than 35mm results - for example, the improved skin tones are very obvious.
Best regards, John


Link Posted 12/08/2003 - 15:07
The FA 45mm f2.8 and FA 150mm f2.8 are both nice lenses - small, light, fast, and sharp.

I currently own the FA45mm f2.8 and previously had the FA 35mm f3.5 AL(IF). I think I may have gotten a defective sample of the 35mm f3.5, as it was not very sharp at any aperture, and clearly inferior to the 45mm f2.8. I have ordered another 35mm f3.5, so I should soon know if the poor performance of the first one was typical of the design.

I have also used the FA 45-85mm f4.5, and found it to be slightly better than the 45mm f2.8, albeit at the cost of greater size and weight. Surprisingly, even with the relatively slow f4.5 aperture, the zoom is still fairly bright and easy to focus on the 645N.

The new FA 33-55mm f5.6 zoom has recieved a few rave reviews, but I haven't tried it yet.


Link Posted 19/08/2003 - 11:05
When I bought my 645N I also bought the 120mm macro, this is a lovely lens and as is usual with macros also makes an excellent portrait lens.

One thing I must say is, if you've only ever used the 75mm lens then all the other lenses are far easier to use, I don't know why Pentax implemented the AF/MF switch as a switch on the 75mm and as a push/pull on the focus ring on all of the other lenses, but after you've used any other lens you will wish the 75mm used the same design as the others.

I've recently got a 45mm 2.8 but haven't had any results back yet. The only comments so far are that it focuses quickly and because it's a 2.8 the viewfinder is even bighter than usual.



Link Posted 19/08/2003 - 22:27
I think the viewfinder on the 645n is probably the best I have ever used - sharp and contrasty and superbly easy to focus manually.

I'm hoping to extend my lens range soon, and the 120mm Macro will be the first, for exactly the reasons that Rod gives.
Best regards, John

WJ Bons

Link Posted 02/10/2003 - 10:39
i bought the 645nii 2 weeks ago.

used it for a wedding, and yesterday for theater. Inderdeed it looks like you do not look through a finder but you see it with your eyes so bright!

i love it already!
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