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Link Posted 17/07/2002 - 10:02
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I am planning to buy a second-hand Pentax 67 camera. I know that three versions exist. I was wondering whether you have any information/booklet about this camera, which would help me to make a good buy. Also if anybody has some experience with the camera, any comments would be appreciated.
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Link Posted 19/07/2002 - 22:39
As I understand it, you will find three main types of Pentax 67.
The original Pentax 6x7 was improved to include a mirror lock up at which point it became the 6x7 MU (mirror up). It was said that at slow shutter speeds the camera was not suitable for hand holding because the impact of the huge mirror caused vibration and loss of sharpness. However, an article by Ron Spillman in AP suggested that the mirror did not cause a problem. A friend of mine uses the 6x7 professionally and claims to have no problem with mirror vibration.
The 67 and later 67 II are the latest versions and have various refinements whilst remaining basically the same beast.
The main problem with buying 67's second hand is that they are likely to be ex-professional tools and may be very well used.
The 67 is a lovely camera and I only opted myself for the 645n instead because of its sheer bulk and because I would have needed to buy a 6x7 enlarger as well, and the line has to be drawn somewhere.
Results from the 67 are absolutely stunning and if you find a nice one to buy I am sure you will not be disappointed.
Best regards, John

Pete Bargh

Link Posted 22/07/2002 - 15:51
John's right you have to be careful when buying one of these second hand as many are ex pro models and will have been hammered. The good news is you can usually spot a pro model as it will look battered on the outside. Many of these cameras are owned by enthusiasts who cherish the camera while owning it, and that usually shows from the condition. Buy one of these and you should be okay. If you do buy a tatty one get it from a dealer who's offereing at least a six months used guarantee.
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WJ Bons

Link Posted 29/10/2002 - 15:27
i bought a used 67 some months ago.
When the body looks nice (mine looked like new) they would probably not have used it that heavy. Do not buy one from a model photographer as mentioned before or you should be 100% that it is ok (check up by pentax)

I own the 55mm and the 135 macro. Pics are very sharp, (maby even to sharp for some models) but i get a kick from it when i see the results. Everybody think they must go digital, i instead go pentax 67 and i won't regret it for a lifetime!

i am searching now for a 400 b/w film that is becoming my default film. 100 asa for outside it to low. I shoot from 1/60 out of my hand and occasioanlly from 1/30 without mirror lockup with good results!
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