5 in a row - Blythman


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Technically very good Alan. A well photographed scene.

Best regards


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Thanks for all the feedback on these.

Its been very interesting. Trawling through my hard drive and finding images which originally didn't quite cut it for me. Taking a second look and tweaking.

#1 - Just plain ordinary in colour. For me its transformed in B&W. So much so, I've just entered it into a competition at my local camera club. Will be judged nearer Christmas

#2 - Gave a bit more punch to the blues in the reflection. Cropped it to create a bit of tension between the different elements

#3 - Had a bit too much flare originally. Decreased the clarity across the image, softening it, with the exception of the island and lighthouse

#4 - This one just needed a crop to a letterbox format

Finally, I'm posting #5 early today, as I don't think I'll have access to my images later. This one missed the cut only because I got so many other good images on the day. Posting it because Simon has been crying out for a kingfisher all week.

#5 Kingfisher

Andrew has kindly agreed to take over the baton for next week. So over to bwlchmawr

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It's easy to post five photographs over five days, but how do I follow Alan's wonderful contributions? After the Lord Mayor's Show, or what?
Oh well...
Best wishes,


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I wish I hadn't asked - that has just made me deeply envious.

A fabulous portrait to cap a fine sequence, Alan.

Good luck, Andrew...


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A great final image from the birder of the year (just pick any year).

All good stuff Alan.

A pleasure to view.

Best regards


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That's a cracker (but just to be super critical - couldn't you have got the falling water droplets a little sharper! )

This has been a really interesting, and excellent set. It's very hard for me to pick a personal favourite, not least because of the different styles you've given us, but probably nos. 1 & 4 just about shade it for me.

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Brilliant stuff, Alan, rounded off with a superb wildlife shot anyone would be over the moon to have in their portfolio!
Thanks for a super five!


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The way Alan photographs Kingfishers you would think they are ten a penny. I know they are not, I hate him.
Too Old To Die Young



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Alan, yet another stunning kingfisher pic. On my phone looks almost pin sharp.

Thanks for an interesting 5.


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Five cracking images Alan. I'm pleased you didn't go first, the bar would have been set too high for me



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Just got round to viewing your Five-in-a-row Alan. I was in the Scottish Highlands all last week.
Its a very fine set as one would expect from you. I've got three favourites; the first one is priceless, the colour in St Mary's Lighthouse is superb and the kingfisher is quite remarkable. Well done.
Now I'm looking forward to Andrew's set.

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PPG: http://www.pentaxphotogallery.com/artists/davidtrout
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A fine set of images
K10D, K5 plus plenty of clueless enthusiasm.

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Once again, thanks to all for the very supportive feedback.

Looking forward to seeing photos from Andrew this week.

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