300mm F2.8 ED IF* - Rear filter needed?


Link Posted 22/03/2003 - 18:47
About a year ago I bought a Pentax 300mm F2.8 ED IF star manual focus lens.

The barrel was slightly marked and the inside of the lens hooded scratched but the lens does not show any signs of obvious neglect.

The lens didn't come with it's original truck case, lens hood or rear filters.

I've used the lens a couple of times but I don't think it's producing images as sharp as they should be. I know that some cat lenses that have rear filters must have a filter installed at all times even if it is just a plain glass one. My question is does any one know if the Pentax 300mm 2.8 requires a rear filter installed at all times?

If the lens doesn't require a plain glass rear filter then I'll get Pentax to service it and see if that fixes the problem, but servicing will cost about 220, which I think is a bit high if all I need do is order a filter from Pentax.

Pete Bargh

Link Posted 28/03/2003 - 17:57
If you do decide to go for the repair you can use your Pentax membership 20% off discount...assuming you are a member!
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Link Posted 07/04/2003 - 21:57
I have had a 300 mm f2.8 EDIF since about 1991. I called Pentax in the USA, where I live and asked the same question that you have. I was told that a filter was NOT required. Personally, I have had equally good results with and without a filter.


Link Posted 08/04/2003 - 13:21
Thanks for the info, looks like I should get the lens serviced.
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