200 F2.8 SMC A ED - lens info


Link Posted 01/03/2003 - 05:50
Hello everyone; I'm hoping someone here has used this
lens- 200 F2.8 SMC A ED (77)- and can tell me if it has
been discontinued, and things like AF speed, or CA problems.

Is the new IF model that much better?


Link Posted 14/03/2003 - 06:12
OK Papa, it's a manual focus;
The new lens is much better,
for the price.


Link Posted 22/03/2003 - 18:17
I bought a new one a couple of years ago.

Pentax UK said it was discontinued when I spoke to them but I managed to obtain one of the last available in Europe.

It's a lovely lens and although it's manual focus when you use it with any AF Pentax you do get focus confirmation, and you also get the ability to use trap focus which is not available when using an AF lens on an AF Pentax.

Saying that unless trap focus is something you want (and I did at that time) I'd spend the extra and get the AF lens if your using an AF body, but if you've got an older manual Pentax this lens is still excellant and will give you much pleasure.


Link Posted 08/04/2003 - 04:30
I figured as much after more searching.
The limited line looks very intriging; Plus
there are more new lenses on the way.
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