2nd set from America


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a mix of bits and pieces some of which were things that were just "America" to me , mainly the scrap which i have never seen lying around here like it does there.

1. Battered and Bruised

2. End of the Line

3. Rest stop on the St Joe River on a drive around with my sister to places from her childhood

4. Was the Grain Store many years ago in Addy, WA

5. Galley of 1900,s Buffet car

6. The Carriage served by image 5 , through a hatch behind the counter at the back

7. A Real Surprise, an old fashioned English Tea Room in a little place called Hillyard which at one time was a major part of the rail network but a merger in 1982 saw the loss of the workshops and times have been hard ever since

8. a disused bar in Hillyard, my only venture into "urbex" ever

9. Empty Tracks at Hillyard, i believe a new road is to be built here.

10. The Old School House at Addy where my Sister went to school, now a general store and petrol station (2 pumps) but still has the original School Gym floor intact and in use.

11. Part of Post Falls, the starting point of the Spokane River where it leaves Couer d'Alene Lake via a dam, this and other dams on the river and the Columbia are used to control the level of the lake

12. A Dam down stream of Couer d'Alene

13. Turbine shed with wheel once powered by the Colville river via Meyer Falls at a town called Kettle Falls whose falls were lost on construction of the Grand Coulee Dam on the Columbia

14. Tree Trunk Texture in Riverside Park

15. Were to be used as Tourist attractions at Hillyard but just sit looking a bit out of place.

16. Stay out of their way, they get paid by the load

17. Seen His Last Winter, more scrap

18. Big Sky in Montana

19. Going aound and around at Spokane State Fair

20. The Old Ford, a family relic. awaiting renovation

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These should be put in a book and sold. Top class photography.

Half Man... Half Pentax ... Half Cucumber

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Your style(s) really suit the subject matter - great set


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Algernon wrote:
These should be put in a book and sold. Top class photography.


Agree &
LennyBloke wrote:
Your style(s) really suit the subject matter - great set


Some lovely images; I love all the old wreck/ ruin/ rust and texture ones most though, along with no 9 monochrome of the tracks.


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Lovely set. 4 and 5 stand out for me.

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This continues the powerful impression of an America we don't often see . these bring something of the feeling from "The Walking Dead" with a powerful sense of time and decay, as well as a kind of lingering gaze that soaks up the atmosphere. I like your subject choices and viewpoints very much (eg 6, 11, 16, 20).

I think I would probably end up preferring straight versions of those that you have processed with the "effects" . for example I don't think 16 or 20 benefit at all from the blurred vignette thing. I'll accept the oldy worldy styles though, sort of conveys some history, eg 9,12 & 13.
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thanks for comments, definitely enjoyed these subjects and the playing with them. Nigel , the vignette i usually use to emphasise the subject or hide clutter which was the case with those two, no time to move position with the logging lorry or i would have been a mascot on the hood ,as they say over there
odd lens or 2



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The vignette on No: 20 works well because it makes it look like an old faded colour print from the same era as the truck.

The edge fading on such old prints as often caused by not only the lens, but also light leaks into the camera or just light getting to the edge of the photo if it was stored/stacked poorly.

Half Man... Half Pentax ... Half Cucumber

Pentax K-1 + K-5 and some other stuff



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Very good indeed and great to see images of somewhere we don't normally see on this website.


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thanks once again. must admit David that we had no idea what to expect but were absolutely blown away by the scenery ,the sheer size of everything and the space that they have in this part of America but it is very agricultural and hence not the most wealthy of areas i feel, quite a few run down small towns doing their best to survive. there had been horrendous fires here which could not have helped . we could see all the destroyed fields as we flew in to Pasco. hoping to get out again in a couple of years.
odd lens or 2



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Quite an evocative set, I remember running across similar scenes when travelling with my parents as a youngster (I grew up in the US) and these certainly bring me back to those times. 4, 5, 6, 7 and 18 are the most photographically interesting for me - I get the feeling you were particularly struck by these scenes.


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A great collection! I can see that the treatment may not be to everyone's taste, but I think it works particularly well on the things that man has made which are now (or are all but) obsolete. Very striking images!
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