Bo (Weird Bug)

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Well, it's a er, weird bug- any suggestions ?
21/06/2010 - 23:00Gary Hickin
CategoryWildlife / Nature
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Link Posted 21/06/2010 - 23:04
Beautifully captured weird bug, Gary! Detailed, pin sharp macro! Sorry, have no suggestion.
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Link Posted 21/06/2010 - 23:43
It's a weevil...beautifully taken...Ken DS ,DA18/55,DA16/45.DA* 50/135,"A"1.7 50MM..."A" 70/210..M 50mm f2...Tamron 90mm macro,28/300 Tamron,200/500 Tamron 6.9....A Pentax DA*300... Sigma10/20,FA31mm 1.8 Ltd*********,FA 77mm Ltd!


Link Posted 22/06/2010 - 06:24
Shall we call him Bo - or is that too corny?

Photography is not a sport. It has no rules. Everything must be dared and tried! (Bill Brandt)


Link Posted 22/06/2010 - 22:47
Ken comes up trumps again - definitely a weevil but haven't a clue what type. I've looked through my field guide and on the web but can find nothing that quite matches the detailed photofit of the suspect you've provided.

Thanks for the additional details regarding your technique, Gary. I've just managed to get hold of a set of extension tubes that, with a little DIY, support AE and TTL flash, so it would seem that I'm on the right track.

I'm intrigued by your use of the Raynox, which I've come to realise many people now use. Is this something I should add to my armoury and in what way is it more useful/preferable to a dedicated macro lens?

A message that all your pictures broadcast loud and clear is that it is well worth investing the time and effort in developing and optimising one's own flash set-up for close-focus/macro work.

Sorry I couldn't PM you direct: as a newbie, I'm still on probation until the end of the month.

Best wishes,

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