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From a morning at Padley Gorge, near Grindleford in Derbyshire yesterday. This is a superb location, almost prehistoric in its look and atmosphere, well worth a visit if you ever get the chance, particularly in Spring when the Bluebells are out or in Autumn / Winter when it becomes a very dramatic landscape.

I'm proud that this image has been selected for 'Explore' in Flickr.

Pentax K-5iis, Pentax DA*50-135, Redsnapper Tripod
29/11/2020 - 13:35davidstorm
CategoryLandscape / Travel
Shutter SpeedN/A
Focal Length108mm


Link Posted 29/11/2020 - 16:23
Very apt title David, love the balancing colours on the sides and congrats on being selected for "Explore" in Flickr..Liked.


Link Posted 29/11/2020 - 18:19
The green trunks and branches seem electrified. Just stunning. A lesson in composition and PP. And yes, "flickr" got it right, all right.


Link Posted 29/11/2020 - 18:37
Nice work


Link Posted 30/11/2020 - 05:02
A well deserved POTW


Link Posted 30/11/2020 - 15:36
Congrats on POTW David,..Best


Link Posted 30/11/2020 - 17:03
Nice one David, and congrats on the explore/POTW.
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Link Posted 30/11/2020 - 22:45
Beautiful composition. I love the way the foreground gives the invitation and the receding background takes it up and continues the journey into the distance.
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Link Posted 30/11/2020 - 23:26
That is a seriously gorgeous image. As others have said, great composition and like all such images, one can imagine a story. My first thought was 'I'm sure there must be an Ent there.' And yes, I do like The Hobbit.

A well deserved POTW, congratulations.
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Link Posted 01/12/2020 - 18:12
Great image. Lots of atmosphere and well handled


Link Posted 03/12/2020 - 18:36
Super image David - ExploreWorthy


Link Posted 03/12/2020 - 22:41
Sincere thanks to everyone who has commented and liked this image. I was lucky to be in this place on the right day, when there was a touch of mist and rain to bring out the beauty in this woodland. I would highly recommend a visit to this place for anyone within striking distance (it's near Grindleford in the Derbyshire Peak District), it is a unique and stunning landscape, great for just a walk, but fantastic if you are remotely interested in photography.

Best regards

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