Ashton windmill

by vejj

Star trail shot with a K3. Love this built in feature 😊
Uploaded20/11/2017 - 08:55
CategoryLandscape / Travel
Shutter Speed30 sec
Focal Length75mm

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Intersting, but a little more technical details? :
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Thanks, okay here goes. Pentax K-3, Samyang 10mm (ignore 75 mm in exif, that was the last manual lenses input focal length, luckily the k3 knocks off shake reduction when it recognises there's no movement and is on a tripod) focus set to infinity, aperture set wide open and camera positioned so Polaris was in shot. Raised Iso as high as possible, without over exposing too much, over a 30 second shutter. (This capture as many stars as possible) then in the composite additive mode, I set the camera to take around 120 shots at 31 second intervals on the bright setting (This just adds the bright part of each shot to the previous exposure) Then it was just a case of slurping a flask of coffee and letting the camera do it's thing. At the end of the session I had a finished RAW file to play with. Hope this helps 😊
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Wow, this and the next image are mind blowing. And for my limited expertise the technical skill involved further blows my already over worked brain.
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Liked the other one too. Both good star trails.

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Very impressive.
Commendable and enviable patience.
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Excellent sir! Must try this star-trail feature sometime!
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I prefer this one. The foreground is more believable...
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This has to be the best advert for a K-3 that I have ever seen, just tremendous. Also, from your (excellent) technical description this type of shot should be attainable to all K-3 owners. I might just have to try it if I can find an appropriate subject, I suppose the trick is finding a nice dark environment with no light pollution.

Congratulations on a superb image.


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Thank you all for the positive feedback and kind comments. To answer some queries... The grass in this shot had the shadow raised to bring detail and colour back. The other shot, just before i ended the sequence, I flashed a light over the foreground...The beauty of the K-3 is that as the sequence only adds the bright part of each shot, the light pollution you pick up in the first shot, is the same as the final shot. Where a single 60 min exposure would increasingly make the light polution brighter and brighter until the photo is washed out. But having said that countryside is better than a city. Finally, making sure the moon isnt in the sky during the shots yeilds far greater results. I hope those that have a bash, have fun
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Great work... and really useful technical info... many thanks for posting...

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Amazing shot, well executed and processed. Lovely subject, you deserve the praise
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