by Moonraker

Still practicing, got a way to go yet. This is part of a bigger image, but I wasn't happy with the rest of it, so cropped it off.
Uploaded27/11/2011 - 00:30
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Cropped or not, this image is superb. Beautifully arranged, beautifully shot.


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Lovely still life. Very 'old masters' feel to it.
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Great image.I wish that the ones i have been practicing with were as good as that.
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I am dreaming about ... fantsstic selection of objects
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That's a great still life, very sharp and i love the artifacts too !
Gary Hickin
Posted 27/11/2011 - 16:09 Link
Hello Sally,
Lovely to see a traditional still life with a good choice of subject matter and selection of objects with excellent colour/tones, the previous one being rather too yellow for my taste.
Candlelight ( great choice) from a single candle can be difficult to get right in one shot without using other light sources and/or reflectors- you have done a reasonable job here but the light from the left is too strong.
The decision to crop the image has left the whole image rather tight within the frame with the candle threatening to burn the left side! The arrangement looks pretty good in the crop, would love to see the whole frame.

Balancing the candle flame whilst getting enough light on the rest of the arrangement-
1) Blend two or three conversions from a single RAW file.
2) Bracket several shots – then blend.
3) Use reflectors to add candlelight back in.
4) A dab of flash ( in manual mode,set very low with filter- otherwise colour balance problems) or maybe a desklamp etc from above candle.
5) Extra candles out of frame can be used as there are no colour balance issues- just extra, maybe unwanted shadows to contend with.

I would love to see more !

Cheers, Gary
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Thank you all for your very kind comments, and thank you Gary especially for your critique, advice and encouragement - very much appreciated. I have bracketed some shots but my photoshop skills are not too great so I will be practicing them for a while. Sally
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Nice composition, lovely lights. Keep it up!
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