Zig View Experience anyone?


Link Posted 29/06/2009 - 22:49
Sometimes K20D gets a bit critics for the Live-View function.

I wonder if anybody can report of the quality of the ZigView S2 Type B fitting the Pentax VF?


15mm - 450mm equivalent, and still can't reach...


Link Posted 30/06/2009 - 12:51
I have used the Zigview S2 for around 2 years on my K10D,and overall i find it useful. I use it exclusively with the 1 mtr extension so it`s great for attaching to a monopod and holding the camera either above my head or upside down at ground level, You can control the autofocus by pressing the button half way and the image can be flipped quickly and even magnified, There are a number of grids/ composition aids and even motion sensors which you can set to activate when a subject enters pre-determined squares in which you can individually set the sensitivity, There is also time lapse and interval settings.
The drawbacks are_ 1. the viewfinder adapters are plastic and need care in handling. 2. The screen is not very high res compared to modern camera LCD 3. Battery life is on the short side (I carry a backup power source) $. The screen often becomes very bright after an exposure due to the blacking out when the mirror flips up on the camera.

I am hoping that i can use it with the K7 without having to attach it to the VF just like the new Zigview Live.

I hope that this answers some of your questions .

Regards _ Pete.
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