Yes I know it's been done before


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Spent a few freezing days in Northumberland last month - had anticipated bad weather so had bought 2 WR lenses, What I had not anticipated though was horizontal snow - which made opportunities a little bit limited. Anyway managed toi get a number of shots of Banburgh castle in differing light conditions

I know it has been done to death but I hope you find something worth viewing.

As always C+C welcome and I may post another set later in the week


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All very nice Carl, number 3 in particular catches my eye.


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Considering the weather I think you got some good images. Like number one most, it seems to have captured a sample of all the weather in one image



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I really like the first one, if I'd taken it 'twould be printed out large and framed and hanging on my wall.
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Number 1 for me too. Good mix/contrast of colours, light and atmosphere
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#3 is great. Rocky foreground really works. #1 second fave.
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Maybe done to death but you have kept it alive. Great set and perspective.

Best regards
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Number the grasses and the white water.


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I heard it said that "photography is painting with light"... Shot number one epitomises that!! Great set as well, Carl!!


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To me numbers 1 & 3 say it all .

Both very different

# 1 - sombre - yes, but full of light - look at the bit of sun creeping in on the right and raising the tones there and then you have the wonderful contrast with the blues of sky and water - which are again lifted by the frothy white of the breaking waves .

#3 superb - it's almost 3 different layers - top , middle and bottom. Each is different but they blend into one complete shot
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Very nice Carl

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Very nice - number 3 also gets my attention the most

It may have been done before but you have done an excellent job of it IMHO
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