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I have read this thread with much interest and use both PC and Mac at home. I only recently got the Mac and it isn't new by a long way, G4, but it has maximum ram of 1.5gig and I have to say that it seems a might slower than my Vista laptop which is a Sony Vaio with 2 gig of ram. I also find the Mac more of a pleasure to use but don't ask me why because I couldn't say.
Now, at work we use both PC and Mac. The PCs are used for everyday computing ie office work and general student work (University) but the Macs are used in the design studios and music studios. A lot of the newer Macs are set up to run Windows XP and the speed is very quick for Photoshop and other graphics work and a lot quicker when rendering 3D than the old machines which were PC based and using the same programs. I'm not a technician or even all that knowledgeable but there seems to be a move to Mac with a windows OS so there is no reason to limit yourself to one platform as Macs seem to run Windows very comfortably.
At the end of the day money will always a factor and will have a say in whatever purchase is made but the debate over Mac v PC is getting harder and harder to separate.
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ChrisA wrote:
What are Macs like (under Windows) for running something like Crysis?

Well, went shopping on Sunday and came back with a Windows version of Bioshock as at £15 for the metal boxed limited edition, thought it would be worth trying out PC games on the MAC running 64bit Vista, to see how viable it was.

Installation was no problem and it runs like a dream at full resolution with no noticeable slow down, all graphics options maxed out. (Using an NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT with 512MB of GDDR RAM)

So, totally viable as a PC gaming platform, although for the diehards, I'm sure a more dedicated gaming keyboard and mouse would be beneficial!

BTW full resolution was 2560x1600 on a 30" monitor!



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Ive been a PC user for 15yrs nearly. I did briefly have an 20" intel imac and this was my experience...

I was fed up of viruses, spyware etc etc so i went to the Apple store in the Trafford centre in Manchester and bought a new 20" Intel iMac.

I was so excited i could hardly contain it but i got it home, unpacked it and fired it up.

It was awesome and i was so excited at learning a totally new operating system. BUT........ Within 7 days i had learned it, and the difference in how windows does things is like chalk and cheese. Some things are nice touches (eg: being able to preview a file without opening the program that runs that file) but some things are just so silly and long winded compared to windows. I took it back and got a refund. I then spent the same money building my own PC (AMD Phenom, 8gb Ram, 500gb HD etc etc) and running vista ultimate.

I am very happy and yes i have to pay £23 per year on Eset NOD32 antivirus (which is amazing i might add), but it s worth it for the logical operating system and speed.

I think once the honeymoon period wears off it hits you that its not that good after all.

If your a hardened PC user and have been for years i think you will either love it or hate it.

If you have little experience of computers then you may stand more chance of adapting.

Just my 2cents worth

P>S Photoshop CS3 on mac doesnt have a background so the desktop displays through the program (until you open a pic that is. just very weird compared to CS3 on a pc)

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mattp wrote:
some things are just so silly and long winded compared to windows.

Such as?


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I use a PC for most things including photography. For the other part of my work life, making TV programmes, I use a Mac - not my own, but part of whatever hired facility we are using.

I have long held the belief that Macs are for creative work - filmmaking, music, photography etc. and PCs are for typing and counting etc.

My experiences over the past week trying to do some very basic work on a PC led to my near suicide. I was commissioned by a theatre company to produce two low budget videos for projection in their production of 'Songs for the New World'.

Hindsight is a great thing! One of the videos (all stills heavily worked in PS) went brilliantly. The other combining video footage with stills just wouldn't work at all. Everything looked fine until published to DVD when the moving bits looked like they had been shot with a digital lava lamp but the stills were OK. At 2.00AM on Sunday I was buying file conversion software for a tech run seven hours later and re-cutting the whole film. It is the final straw for me with PCs, when the machine I'm typing on gives up the ghost it will be replaced with a Mac; only because there will still be three PCs in the house/office. I really think I need both.
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I think we all have our own preference. Themacs are good for creative work and if you use them day in day out i can imagine you would get used to them. My experience wasnt a good one. I just found them too clunky. I was definitely more productive on a PC than i ever was on a mac.



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Some interesting comments.

I use a mac system at home, and PCs at work. Interestingly our 'dyed in the wooI' PC based IT Manager has a very low opinion of Vista and is resisting it's adoption. Purely from a non technical perspective I find the Mac OS much more intuitive and enjoyable to use, and the general level of software / hardware integration is in a different league.

On the cost issue, I was coerced into helping my daughter buy a top of the range PC to help her with her product design course. A PC was assumed due to most of her course design software being PC based. However, having specified a near top of the range G5 from the apple store, I got the same spec priced up from Dell expecting it to be cheaper - it was more expensive!!

My daughter is now very happily running Windows XP on her new G5


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I'm not a PC too...

now is almost the same.
15vyears ago you chose to use a mac 'couse you want put your afford doing your job not to try how solve the problems..vyrus, plug into somenthing configure smt...
mac was and is: just use it.

wathever pc is cheaper than mac but can do almost the same.

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