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Link Posted 28/01/2008 - 23:46
This Sigma 10-20 just doesn't leave the camera.
If it was a few stops faster I'd cement it on
A few pics of yesterday.

The Roman Catholic cathedral

1/400, 4.5, 100, 13mm

A view up towards the Anglican cathedral

1/400, 5.6, 100, 20mm

A cool round bit. (Think this was a door into a disused orphange).

1/50, 4.0, 100, 10mm


Link Posted 28/01/2008 - 23:50
2 and 3 are fantastic, although I'd like 2 to be straightened up.
Best regards, John


Link Posted 29/01/2008 - 17:51
I agree with John 2 could do with straightening up , I would also crop it square and loose a bit of the foreground but that's just a personal thing.
I must get round to posting a few of my own ,but in the 3 weeks i have had my K100D i have only taken about 20 shots (mostly of the cat).

SWMBO has got me decorating.
Take a good look . It might not be there when you return.


Link Posted 29/01/2008 - 18:38
Just to prove that you can't please all of the people all of the time, I rather like the jaunty angle of number 2 - looks like the sort of view you'd get when you wake up on the pavement after a really heavy night!
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