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Link Posted 13/06/2012 - 19:19
I'm now in the market for a multi-purpose wide angle zoom (by multi-purpose, I mean it will be used for all manner of subjects and shots). The Sigma 8-16 and 10-20 (both versions) and Pentax 10-20 are all on my radar but not exclusively. I'm always happy to hear of and learn from others' experiences.

My main question/dilema at the moment is : Fish-eye or rectilinear?




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If you really mean multi-purpose then there is no dilemma. A fish-eye lens is not multi-purpose.
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For me it depends what your widest lens currently is. If you're thinking of a fisheye at all, that's what I'd get because one day you'll want to get 'everything' in and need the 180 degree (ish) angle of view. I haven't used one though.
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Thanks both Johns.

I've done a wee bit more research and now feel that a fish-eye does seem to be a bit more "specialist".

I think I'll stick to fairly standard wide zoom for the time being. I'm tending towards the ubiquitous Sigma 10-20.

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Dr Mhuni has a 12-24 for sale: link.


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Hi i am only 15 miles from kilmarnock and have a tamron 10-24 it is not for sale but if you want to try some shots with it you are welcome, pm me if you are interested

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My similar quest led to the Sigma 8-16.
No regrets at all. It is very solid, compact and tightly made.
The manual focus is even better than the DA I sold to get it.
I like the huge cap and the surface finish
As for the range, it is like I got the DA14 back and all the rest is a bonus.
Really liking the long end as well as the ridiculously wide 8

It seems to suit the K-5 with its profusion of megapixies,

did some garden shots with full sun and deep shade yesterday. Very happy with the sharp rich results with no chromatic issues at all.

The DA14 was quite a hard act to follow with its close focus goods, but the sigma gets just as close. I love how linear it is, offering tantalising architecture possibilities.

The only reason not to get this lens is the difficulty of using filters.

I say 'difficulty' rather than the usual 'no chance' as some enthusiasts are already hanging huge solutions off the front

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some len

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