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I`m contemplating a new lens but getting a bit bogged down. Probably a zoom around 10 or 12 mm and I`m not too bothered about the narrower end.

Would welcome some thoughts please.
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Hi Cedric

I have had a Sigma 10-20 for a few years now and it took a bit of getting used to, something people here warned me about - it proved to be useful advice.

Have you used anything similar?

If not it may be worth playing with one first☺

I like using mine for a number of things, mainly car shows and landscapes ☺

I believe there are sharper options including the later, fixed aperture sigma 10-20, the 8-16 and Pentax 12-24.

The 10-20 I have is soft in the corners at wide apertures but it can take filters which the 8-16 cannot without a bit of creativity ☺

I believe the Pentax 12-24 is sharper but suffers with fringing but have never used one.

I suppose it depends which will suit you as none are perfect.

I hope this helps.


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The Pentax 12-24mm is a great choice. The 10-17mm Fisheye is also very useful, but the fisheye effect can get overdone so it's not a general purpose lens.
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another vote for the sigma 10-20 i use mine a lot
k5iis k200d
8mm fisheye sigma 15mm sigma 10-20 3,5 hsm
tamron 17-50 2.8 pentax 18-55 al ii sigma 18-125 hsm tokina 28-70 atx pro ii pentax F 35-105 pentax A 50 1;1;7 pentax 55-300 sigma 70-200 apo ex 2.8
kenko pz af 1.5 tele tamron pz af 2.0 tele and a flash


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Before buying one consider why you want it - what do you intend to use it to photograph? Is there someone who can lend you one for a try out?

I know I pretty much a lone voice on this, but I ended up selling my Sigma 10-20 because I just didn't like landscapes with it. I now prefer to stitch several photos if I feel the need for something wider. The 10-20 always gave me the feeling of cramming in the landscape rather than giving the sweeping landscape I saw.
There was too much distortion with it to be really useful for architectural photos as well.


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A useful wide to medium telephoto zoom is the Pentax 16-85 (great newish lens) to which you could use Gwyn's advice for wider vistas.
Nothing really wrong with the Sigma 10-20 and 8-16 but the Pentax 12-24 is recognised by the camera to auto correct jpegs. Mind, if you normally shoot raw that isn't an issue.
How about primes: either the DA14 or DA15 Ltd perhaps?
Guess there isn't one answer, it depends (as usual) on your needs.
If you've plans for going full frame the Samyang 14mm (prime, manual focus) is pretty useful and if you're really flush and going full frame there's the new Pentax FA 15-30.
Best to review images from each potential lens and if possible, try before you buy.
John K
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I loved my 10-20; the original more than the faster version. Distortion is manageable. In fact, in comparison to the new ff kit that is not ultra wide, it's fantastic. Colors/rendering is beautiful. My copy is very sharp. If I was you I would try yourself. No one can tell you what you like All we can do is recommend. I find lenses to be very 'personal'.
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I have the Sigma 10-20mm and am also very happy with it. My first copy was not good SRS changed it for another which is great. Had a few years of using it and still very happy.
PS. I also find myself happy to stitch photos together these days, different results as mentioned earlier, also bigger files.
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I've the Sigma 10-20 (original version) and previously owned the Pentax 12-24. I've found both really excellence. Corner sharpness is better on the Pentax, but only by a smidge, and the colour rendering has a slightly warmer tone. But it has an absolutely huge hood, which eventually I got fed up with. The Sigma is a more compact lens, which suits my style, and has (had?) the bonus of being significantly cheaper - you can probably pick up a bargain second hand. I've been very happy with its IQ.

However, as others have said, I find myself doing less ultra wide angle work atm.

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I have the Tamron 10-24mm. I've been happy with it. Image quality I put down to the photographer as much as the lens.



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There's always the Blue Peter approach, make your own with a bit of sticky back plastic.

ESII with home made pinhole!
John K


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Have been tempted to try pinhole after a presentation by Steve Goslin Gosling but some how never got anything up and running. Maybe next year



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tyronet2000 wrote:
Image quality I put down to the photographer as much as the lens.

Never a truer word

Some of my vaguely better stuff


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Hello Cedric
I own both the Sigma 10-20 and Pentax 16-85, with the Pentax being my go-to lens.

I agree with what Stuey says, in that it gets some time to get used to, but the results can be rewarding.

Another positive is that it can do things other lenses cannot; being ultra wide isn't just about cramming more into the scene, but offers a totally different way to frame the scene (for example you can get really close to a subject and give a totally different perspective that wouldn't be possible with a 'normal' lens).

Hope that makes sense

An example @ 10mm

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Thanks everyone

I`m finding that I`m being asked to do more indoor work and it`s not possible to either alter my position or the people I`m photographing. I find it rather frustrating in needing to include just a fraction more and not being in a position to achieve.

Adrian, thanks for posting. I love the effect, now to have a look around and see who has what and a good price while Mrs. Cedric is in the kitchen putting on the sprouts for tomorrow
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