Why Re US prices always so much cheaper?


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I've just posted a K3 offer of $797 on the "leads to deals" forum - and that includes a grip and 32gb card.

Why is just about everything always so much cheaper in the USA? It's quite depressing!

Maybe it's the UK VAT at 20% compared to the sales tax in the US which I believe is about 7%?


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have you taken into account handling charges, vat etc when it gets here and a guarantee of only 1 year, if it is even valid, the hassle to get sorted if it goes wrong. etc,etc. sometimes piece of mind and a 2 year guarantee has to be paid for and probably not by much after all the above has been paid.
K3 II and the odd lens or 2

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Hi Redbus, I agree with all your comments which are quite valid if I was to import. (I wouldn't for the reasons you mention)

But if I lived in the US, none of those charges would apply and I could buy the same camera for so much less than in the UK.


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As well as our high VAT rate plus i assume import duties from Japan apply. You have to consider the fluctuating commercial exchange rate against first the yen and then the Euro to the pound sterling given Ricoh's distribution for Europe is based in France now i think.

The biggest factor I'm sure though is competition and market size. The USA is a huge and highly competitive market for manufacturers.

Personally I've found photography in this country an expensive hobby right back to working in its retail side back in the late 1970's when I could only afford cheap used cameras and certainly not the superb Pentaxes of the day. I feel very lucky to be able to take part in this hobby in later life but have to spend many hours looking for the keenest bargains.


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One thing you have to remember is that prices in teh US tend to be minus sales tax. That is added on, and can be quite a hefty amount.
Import duties and VAT or the equivalent, fluctuations in currency, distance goods have to travel, and the size of the market all have a bearing on it. Plus of course Americans probably wouldn't pay more anyway. Everything is cheaper there, not just photographic gear.
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