Why did you choose Pentax?


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For me what makes the Pentax brand, in my case K10D special, is the look, followed straight away about the feel of the controls, they are where they naturally should be, it is a great design. I have some DA lenses and "A" and "M" lenses, and everything just works so nicely together. I love wireless flash also. I did have to have the mother-board replaced, but nothing I have seen lately would temp me to leave the brand. Also this forum and the magazine. Pentax is special.


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I got a K20D at the end of January, my first Pentax mount.

I've moved over from Minolta (Sony) mount for my main camera, still keeping some Minolta stuff back though.
The Sony range felt like a strategically marketed electronics company price pointing features that a photographer would want, unlike Minolta that felt like a camera company. So I jumped mount systems to Pentax.

The Sv & TAv settings, believe these are unique to Pentax, I have found to be very useful in certain circumstance.

With the K20D I have all I wanted without my wallet feeling that I had bought a small car!


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My first Pentax was the MZ-10.
I don't know the exact reason why I bought it but partly it was because Nikon was to expensive and I didn't want a Canon because my dad was having a lot of problems with the early USM lenses, the lens motors kept on dying.

I came from a simple chinese SLR a Carena 300sx which was basically a Minolta X300 built under license in China for a big German retailer.
I bought that camera because my dad had an old Minolta SLR and I could use some of his lenses.

I bought my first DSLR (*ist-DS) from Pentax because I could save money by using the lenses I had for my MZ-10 but I quickly realised that both the 35-80 and 80-200 were not the best lenses Pentax ever produced...
Another important reason was the way the camera handled. The layout and the feel of the camera was for me better then what Canon, Nikon or Minolta had on offer.

Last year I upgraded to the K20D because I was asked by my brother to shoot his wedding and I allready wanted a camera with a higher dynamic range then what the DS had to offer. I still have my DS allthough I don't use it anymore. When I had to shoot the wedding I did take it along as a backup body though.

And I allso follow some of the reasons posted by Epithet Man, especially:

1) Shake reduction on camera (for this price bracket this is a major benefit)
2) It felt sturdy (especially when compared to Canon 400 thingy which is a bit of a toy)
3) Intuitive. It just made more sense to me
7) I've never felt the need to follow the crowd
Camera:K20D|Ist*DS|Spotmatic II|MZ-10
Pentax Lenses: DA16-45|DA50-200|50A 1.7
Tamron Lenses: 28-200
Takumar Lenses: SMC 55 1.8
Sigma Lenses: EX DG 50-500 'Bigma'|EX 50mm Macro
Flashes: Metz 58 AF-1|Samsung SEF-36PZF|Pentax AF-220T


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My Dad shot Pentax, so I went down the same route initially purely so I could borrow his lenses. Now I have a comparable lens collection to his, and in fact he has just borrowed my FA 50mm F1.4 to go on holiday so what goes around comes around.
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