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Why did you buy a Pantax?


Link Posted 04/02/2014 - 20:28
xbow wrote:
Nothing wrong with Necroposting if the OP is still valid ...

New one on me!
Cheers Jules...

My viewfinder is 576,000,000 pixels.
My other viewfinder is 5.76,000,000.


Link Posted 04/02/2014 - 20:34
jules wrote:

New one on me!

Dead boring if you ask me
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Link Posted 04/02/2014 - 20:37
It reminds me of the bloke that was into necrophilia, sadism and beastiality.

Personally I think he was flogging a dead horse
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Link Posted 05/02/2014 - 15:21
My film cameras were all canon a1, eos 1n , when I bought digital the canon in my price range felt light and plastic. Tried gx10 that was it felt like a proper camera I made the right decision


Link Posted 09/02/2014 - 20:47
After five years as a Canon user and fifteen with Nikon I switched to Pentax in the late 1990's.

Perhaps the major reason I've stuck with Pentax film SLRs through the rise of digital
has been repairman Eric Hendrickson, who specializes in Pentax.

I've had the pleasure of trying many attractively priced Pentax bodies and lenses (Thanks, digital!),
all made to work reliably at low cost by Eric. I've kept some and sold the rest on to others.

Cheers to Mr. Hendrickson for keeping me in the Pentax fold!

Bring back the latent image!


Link Posted 11/02/2014 - 09:33
I started my second passion with photography when affordable digital cameras appeared. After extencive study I bought Panasonic Fz10 on that day when it appeared for sale on

I was so avid Panasonic superzoom shooter. And even rather successful - pic of week at, couple of local, russian and international contests.

My jorney with Panasonic ended two years later... Just because it was stolen from my girlfriend`s flat. We went to supermarket for 20 minutes, closing two spyder type metal doors (spyder type - where in all directions comes out steel rods). And when we came back, opened both doors, there was complete chaos... Flat is located on 3rd floor and thieves arrived through balcony - first and second floor flats had steel grid on their balcony, so, it was good stairs for thieves.

And both supersecure doors secured thiewes - when doors started to make opening noise, they had plenty of time to evacuate. May by for my and girfriends luck - we didn`t met them. Although feeling was rather unsecura and unpleasant checking out all rooms at that moment.

So, I lost my lovely Panasonic... And searching lombards in that area, checking advertisements on web with hope to notice my Panasonic somewhere (it wasn`t possible to buy it in Latvia, our official representative didn`t imported that model to Baltic states), I found an interesting add for Pentax...

Pentax MZ6 + Grip + FA 50mm/1.4 + Sigma 24-70mm+ ten films+photobag+shutter cable and some filters... for 100 LVL (~120GBP).

I called to them and agreed to met with seller. Advertisement seemed suspicious, but after phone conversation with young russian guy it seemed totalyy suspicious - we agreed to met a 22:00 on street where is located mental hospital for those guys who is prisoned.

I took with me an expert (other young guy who were pentax user and I knew him personally), so arriving that area, with old and dirty wooden houses, blinking yellow street lamps, zero people on streets... Real heroin people area.

We walked down the street, and further down the street there was no lamps anymore. Expert vants to turn back, but I convince him to check out that street number - just two houses left.

Finding that house number, we stare onto old and partially rotten 3 floor wooden building... On one side of building is plate "Church ortodox baptists, etc something like this". My expert wants to leave again (don`t want to get into some kind of sect), I convince him to call and see what will happen.

Call is answered again by young russian guy - he comes to us and seems small, skinny, intelligent and polite person We feel encouraged to follow buy our anathomical superiority). Ok, we are going into church and he ask us to wait a 10 minutes till end of mess or whatever. We seat down and wait... Church is tiny, romantic, really budget option without any kind of gold plated decorations, paintings and iconas.

Arrives pastor, asks us to follow to second floor. Ok, we follow....

He brings to me photo bag and asks to check out items till he changes clothes. We opened bag, but there is mint camera and mint lenses with all papers showing that camera was bought half a year ago at our official Pentax store. So 1,5 yearss warranty left.

Arrives our pastor (now he has jeans and "grandmas knitted look" sweater) and shows us Minolta dimage superzoom z2 - he bought digital superzoom and decided to move away from film era. He says that Pentax Mz6 made 100 actuations and forth film is still inside.

So, we paid asked 100 LVL to our friendly pastor, and went away with really surprised feeling.


So I`m stuck with pentax. From that time I got more than ten medium format AF lenses, more than 20 af 35mm lenses, more than common sense PTTL flashes (I have ten of them, because sometimes I shot weddings together with second shooter).

My Fa 50mm/1.4 is kind of saint lens for me.

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Link Posted 11/02/2014 - 19:27
The bloke who ran the now sadly defunct camera stall at Harlow market sold me an MX for my trip to Australia.

It was pretty tatty, not the easiest for the novice to use, the lens was a ropey push-pull zoom but the viewfinder was a joy and the thing was bombproof.

I bought an MZ-50 in Singapore to get some automation, which I quickly sold and replaced with an MZ-3 - lovely compact camera with good, positive controls, and a bargain price along with a FA50mm 1.4. This was back in the day when the Jessops at the top of Bath was staffed by enthusiastic photographers who sold quality used equipment.

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