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hi.im after some advice pls hope im in the right section its my first time.i have a k500 with a 18-55 kit lense and a 55-300 too.i would like another lense so i dont have to keep changing.any advice pls?


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Do you mean another lens to replace the 18-55 and 55-300, or to be additional to them?


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and what style of photography are your interested in?
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There are several 18-250's (Pentax, Tamron and Sigma. There's an 18-135mm (Pentax.) Also an 18-270mm (Pentax branded but made by Tamron.)
Generally the larger the range the more you compromise on quality, but that said none of those are poor and make good travel lenses.
(For info, a single lens doesn't need the 'e' on the end, i.e. it's just lens! )
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I want to keep the 55-300 lens. I'm looking for a lens from 18 to around 200 I don't want to keep swapping lenses.the 18-135 doesn't appear to work on the k500 as you need 1.03 firmware.


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The early Sigma 18-200 DC works well enough when i had one briefly. I replaced it with the newer Sigma 18-125 HSM, which was superb and the lens i most regret selling. The latest Sigma 18-200 HSM is supposed to be very good as well.
I've never owned the Tamron version but have read its worth bypassing the 18-200 as the 18-250 is better.


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I have a WR 18-135 and it works on my K500.I only have 1.02 firmware didn't realise there was 1.03


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Do any lenses actually need any specific firmware to work on Pentax dslrs? Don't all da lenses work on all current dslrs?

OP, if you've got the money then get the 18-135, its got a great reputation. If not the sigma 18-250 may be the way to go,but wllojld you really keep the 55-300 in that case as well?
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thanks david thats good to know about the 18-135 lens i read on the pentax website that it needed firmware 1.03 to work,my k500 is on the same as yours.the 18-135 pentax doesnt get a good review on alot of sites.i love this k500 takes really great shots.thanks for all the other comments.


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Put both your existing lenses in to the cupboard and purchase a Pentax-F 35-70mm lens for about 40 Dollars on Ebay or whatever the English prices are.

This lens is superb and if you need a wider angle, move back. If you need more tele, move forwards.

Gives you some exercise to and makes you appreciate your pictures even more, than just standing on one spot and shooting indiscriminately.

Regards, Horst


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If we're going down the cheap s/h line how about an FA f4 28-70... lovely jubbly
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