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Link Posted 11/04/2015 - 12:17
Can i ask for peoples opinion which is the lens to go for between pentax 560 or sigma 500
Thanks Pete


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SIGMA 500 pros : faster (f4.5), exceptional IQ and sharpness, robust as a thank, cheaper than Pentax 560, precise and quick AF. cons: no range limiter neither HSM with Pentax version .
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Pentax 560mm. At 3000 it's an absolute steal IMHO.

However, I might prefer the Pentax 150-450mm with the 1.4x AW converter. This will cost less, be much more versatile and promises to be a really good combination. At the long end 450 x 1.4 = 630mm. You also get AW construction.

PS The 500mm f/4.5 Sigma in itself does have very nice optical qualities.
Best regards, John
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maybe it is also worth to note that SIgma 500 is a FA lens, Pentax 560 is a DA one.
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