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Which lens is the better Tamron 17-50 or sigma 24 70 2.8 macro have sigma wonder if would be better with tamron thinking indoors and landscapes gererally

Thanks Pete


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Depends what focal lengths you like to use.

I tend to use the 12-24 for landscapes. I hardly use my Sigma 24-70, but when I do its a good un



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Or of course you could go for the Pentax 17-70 f/4, which I've recently acquired. I think it's excellent, though it doesn't go really wide for landscapes.

I see Sigma are also now offering an 8-16mm zoom - at a price.
A few pictures on Flickr


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The Tamron is excellent and a whole loada s cheaper than the Sigma.

That said, if I could afford the Sigma I would add it to my collection

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