which flash for 200?


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HI All

I am looking in to getting a decent flash for my K7 specifically to utilise the pttl features, rear curtain sync,hss etc - i allready have a nikon sb80dx which i am happy with in manual and auto mode but would like a good flash i can use on the camera and use the nikon off camera as a slave - interestingly the nikon works well as a slave with the pop up flash on the camera as a master and works remotly with rear curtain sync etc.

I was initially looking for/at a second hand Pentax540fgz but am also interested in the metz 50af1 which is a good price at srs

my concerns about both units is quality - i have read the the pentax unit had a flimsy battery door and hotshoe and the the metz can have problems with the zoom function and hotshoe locking pin but if i buy from srs so I am sure that would be covered by warranty as i have dealt with them before and thier service is very good.

any advice on the matter would be appriciated

K7D DA 18-55 mk11WR|50-200 wr|DA16-45|Tamron SP90|lots of manual pentax glass
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For the money 200 you can't go wrong with A Metz 50 AF-1 digital, they are really well built, have some great features and I have had no problems with the zoom or the hotshot locking pin. If you do decide to go with a Metz, make sure you download the updated firmware. However, the 50 AF-1 won't work as a master in wireless mode, although the 58 AF-2 will, so that is something to consider, but will cost a little extra. P TTL wise the 50 AF-1 has some great features and personally, I love the HSS mode which works incredibly well, but to get the best results with the flash in P TTL, take it off camera with a TTL lead.

I was so pleased with the Metz 50 AF-1 I purchased another two a few months back as I am really getting into strobisim. I do use the Metz in manual a lot, and I could have purchased a manual flash and saved money, but the 50 AF-1's versatility and ability to do everything I want with it, just tick all the box's. I just wish I could have all of the P TTL features off camera wirelessly. Who knows someone may make a set of wireless P TTL triggers soon!



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thanks for the advice - much appriciated

K7D DA 18-55 mk11WR|50-200 wr|DA16-45|Tamron SP90|lots of manual pentax glass


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just bought one via srs ebay

K7D DA 18-55 mk11WR|50-200 wr|DA16-45|Tamron SP90|lots of manual pentax glass


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Just a mention, if you're after a cheapy manual flash that also acts as a wireless slave, the Yongnuo YN460-II is worth a try. I bought one off ebay for $43 AUD, delivered from China.

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Metz 50 AF-1

Bang for buck a top flash for the cash.
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