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Thanks to all those that have been helping me along this journey, we are near the end you will be glad to hear. I have narrowed it down to 3 and appreciate your recommendations on which would best suit me. Once again i am new to digital photography looking for an entry level camera that doesnt have to much spec. I currently have an MZ6 and dont use the majority of the functions.The ones in the running are,in no particular order,
k200d 10mp with 18-55mm lense @ 329.
km with 18-55mm lense @ 398.
kd10 Grand Prix with accessories no lense @ 400

Which also represents good value for money on a limited budget.
I appreciate all comments, no come back on anyone
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The Km is a great little camera. I gave one to my husband and never cease to be amazed by the quality of the photos from it. I was tempted to hang on to it myself when I saw the photos from it.
I would go for that because of the above and because it is the newest of the three you have listed.


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I think you might be paying Collectors prices for the K10D Grand Prix This is a Std. Body link
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As the K200D is a perfectly capable and nicely made camera with weather sealing added in for good measure, I would go for your cheapest option - it's capable of excellent results.

K10D is a great camera, but the K200D has the same sensor so the difference is more about handling and bulk (the K10D is more driven by buttons on the body rather than going into menus, and is also larger and heavier) as both should be able to produce similar image quality (the K200D may actually be a little more pleasing "out of the box").

The Km is a great little camera but I'd struggle to pay a lot more for it when the K200D actually offers more functionality and better build quality.


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K200D would be a safe bet. Medium size, good quality. Shouldn't be harder to use than the K-m.


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I'd go for the K200D. in my opinion it was one of the best entry level cameras Pentax made. I think they actually sold it a bit too cheaply considering what was on offer which is why the Km which replaced it, was less well made (no weather sealing and no top LCD, if that bothers you). From memory, I think reviewers found the exposure system more reliable than that on the K10, I believe, less prone to underexposure but I have no personal experience of either (sadly).

I saw some pictures of the Grand Prix version of the K10 and thought the colours and extra trimming unnecessarily vulgar, but, of course, you may like it!

Whichever you select, you'll have a camera capable of taking excellent photographs and which will last you for many years. I am a great admirer of photographs taken with that 10MP CCD sensor. You do well to choose this marque.

Best wishes,

Best wishes,


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I would go for the k-m, and you could get it a lot cheaper than that tho, maybe even round the 300 mark if you looked hard enough.
I'm guessing your budget is around the 400 mark, is it possible to stretch to 500? if so the k-x is a better choice and will be of better use to you when you have progressed and learnt more.
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K-M vs K200D is easy
The K200D has more to offer then the K-M, the K200D has 7 focus spots and the K-M only 3 and has a top LCD, focus point indicating in the viewfinder, weather sealing and you can get a grip for it.
The K-M is smaller and lighter, nothing more can be really said about it. The sensor and all the rest that's used are the same.

The K10D is another camera all together but that has been said already a lot of times.

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Used price for the K10d should be around 250.00. I saw one in London camera exchange for about that. I would not expect the K200d to be much more although it is a newer camera. Mine cost 280.00 last June.


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The K10 and K200 share the same sensor, but the K200 is easier to use.

The K10 was the flagship model, making it just a little less 'new user' friendly.

I have a K200d and find it easy to use, the shake reduction is very effective and it has the (dis)advantage of using AA batteries, that's a topic already discussed else where on here!

Just watch the lens, early K200s came with the older lens, the Mk II version is supposed to be for the larger K20 sensor, but seems sharper on the 10 meg K200.
Cheers, HG

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Cono wrote
I currently have an MZ6 and dont use the majority of the functions.

I have just seen a review of the MX6 (MX-L) which said it was a good choice for someone who had started on DSLRs - why not go the other way?
Go for the K200D (it is cheaper, after all) and start looking for more glass - remembering that AF lenses from the MX-6 will fit without even thinking about it (and overlap the digital Kit Lenses as well).
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Thanks everybody, the km has been eliminated and the k200 seems to be winning, hope i make the right choice.
My main concern is whether my current lenses will fit- 28-80mm pentax and a 70-300 tamron


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Have you seen this elsewhere on the Forum?


Looks like a great opportunity; too good to miss! If I didn't have one already...

As to your lenses, they'll fit any of the cameras you've high-lighted, plus the K20D I've have linked to.
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JohnX wrote:
Have you seen this elsewhere on the Forum?


Looks like a great opportunity; too good to miss! If I didn't have one already...

As to your lenses, they'll fit any of the cameras you've high-lighted, plus the K20D I've have linked to.

Ah thanks just when i thoughti had narrowed it down to 2. Is this camera to advanced for a novice, how does it compare to a k200


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The camera has Green mode - sets shutter speed and aperture to the proper exposure, plus auto focus, which you could say makes it a very well specced point and shoot. (I'm sure I'll get beaten up for that comment.) It is also capable of every manual setting you could want.

It used to be the top camera in the Pentax range (until the K7) and I think it safe to say the camera most Pentax users aspired to.

It can be as simple (see above) or as complicated as you like. This is a camera that will grow with you for years to come.
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