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So far I have used old Braun flash with K-x and I have setted sync speec, aperture and sensitivity myself.

Now I have new Metz Megablitz 50 AF-1 and I'm not sure which camera mode to use; Autopict, presetted Av or Tv, P or manual M-mode. Which one you recommend to get best results?
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I guess all will work.

For me it varies. I usually use (or start with) Av so I can still influence DOF. When I want to be really fancy I use M so I can influence both DOF and the effect of ambient light. I also use M when I find that the camera tends to use longer shutter speeds (like 1/45) that I don't want.

Sometimes I'm lazy and don't want to think (after a couple of drinks on a family party ); in that case I use P.

Be aware that the Metz (if it's like other shoe mount Metz flashes; check your manual) requires 1/125sec for full power. So if you set a shutter speed of 1/180s on the camera (or the camera decides on that) not all light will reach the sensor as the shutter is already closing when full power is required.
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I don't know much about this particular Metz unit, but on my K-m with a Metz 45 CL-1 I use M, set shutter speed to 1/180 and aperture/ISO to what the flash expects, then let the flash auto mode do the rest. This also works nicely with Pentax auto flash units. 1/180 is the highest sync speed for the K-m but given I generally use flash to enable hand-held shooting in low light this suits me perfectly.

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Metz flashes tend to have a 1/1 flash duration of 1/125 so if you need the flash at full power use 1/125 rather than 1/180.

I tend to shoot manual when using flash to get the exact effect I want. Otherwise the camera and P-TTL combination can do things you don't want (too slow a shutter speed, etc.).



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Hello, I am thinking about getting the Metz 44AF to go on my K_X. I presume that this 1/125 would apply to this gun also although it doesn't seem to say so in their instructions.?

What batteries are people using in their flashguns? So far a set of Eneloops seem far superior in the camera. I have a set of Camlink 2500Mah which are relly useless.

Does SRS still knock the postage off for members?



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I think they still do free postage for PU members.

Metz do provide the flash duration values in the back of the manuals.

For the 58 AF-1 and AF-2

1/1 = 1/125
1/2 = 1/650
1/4 = 1/1500
1/8 = 1/3200
1/16 = 1/5500
1/32 = 1/9000
1/64 = 1/14000
1/128 = 1/22000
1/256 = 1/33000

By the way these are FULL flash duration not PEAK flash duration which is what Pentax publishes with their flashes.

Only full duration figures are accurate for deciding what will properly freeze motion and not have blur. It also means you can use the full power of the flash and not just the peak output. As the figures for peak don't give details you may be losing 10% perhaps, nobody really knows.

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