Which Airstream


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Trying to work out which is the more appealing of the two pictures .


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After much deliberation, I'd go with the second/sepia option as it appears more punchy.

Can we get a third option with a level horizon?
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A little like this ?


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The sepia version is more in keeping with the subject matter.
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i like the first one. when you see 50's pictures on tv especially american they tend to have the grey look.

a bit of added grain and you have 50's conspiracy area 51 type of photo.
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Ok thank you for the comments so far , Richard for pointing out the horizon issue and I think John nails it with his sepia comment . Warrens idea has an interesting appeal so ......

Dxo Film pack iso 3200 B&W with grain boosted

A bit more messing around and perhaps that atmospheric look ? arguably both tell a story but which is most appealing.

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john is co
johnriley wrote:
The sepia version is more in keeping with the subject matter.

johnriley wrote:
The sepia version is more in keeping with the subject matter.

it seems to have a little mor depth in it


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I like the sepia one the most.. But would like it better if the van was more the centre of attention, and as sharp as the telegraph poles.... Or maybe its just me... Certainly has the all American feel about it.
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They all have their merits - it just depends on personal favourites and I suppose I tend to favour the sepia ones?

However, it goes to show what a bit of creative artistry can do !

Best regards


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That last textured one would be right at home in the credits for True Detective for example

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