When the east wind blows .....


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A couple of shots of the lighthouse at Blyth this afternoon. A biting cold easterly lifted my big Gitzo birding tripod of the ground and deposited it on the bonnet of my car.

And one of the light at South Shields.

All with the K-1 and D FA 150-450



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Gosh these are real quality. The first and last are really good. I am sure these have commercial value

Take care you don’t take excessive risks.

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Flipping Heck!

Brilliant shots Alan...everyone of those could be POTW.

Hits the mark with me as I do love lighthouses...



P.S Forgot to enquire after the car...Hope not too much damage?
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Stunning pictures Alan!

I hope the Gitzo and the car were unscathed. the photos certainly were worth the effort in any case!

This side of the North Sea the wind was trying hard to blast us out to sea. Not that there was any sea to see, just miles of mud, due to more extreme low tides because of it, with the island ferries not running.


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Great images Alan.

I didn't even bother with a tripod due to wind speed and blizzards.

Best regards
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Fantastic images - a wee bit windy then!


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Drama with a capital D. Thanks for getting cold and then sharing it.
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Great photgraphy all round


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Excellent shots Alan,

My favs are #2 for me cos you've caught the light on as well, this just peeps #1 for that reason, #3 looks a tad over-processed for my taste.


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Superb shots - nice & subtle processing


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Swell photographs Alan. All three of them.


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Enormous sense of power in the third one as the wave wraps the lighthouse in its grip.


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Stunning images!


vic cross

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Hi Allen. That shot of the South Shields pier brings back memories. From the age of 7 'till 21 I lived on what is known as the Lawe Top. Lawe Rd. which faces straight out over the Harbour and every winter when the easterly winds came the sea would break over the North and South piers just like your photos. I could see them from my bedroom. With a long lens I could have photographed them from there. I wasn't into photography then and now I live 200 miles away. Ah well happy days and memories.
P.S. I used to go fishing off the end of that pier. It's 1.25 miles long.
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