What's your view to the DFA 28-105 ?


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Having seen the black Friday deals from SRS. I was contemplating over the above lens.. I thought it would make a fabulous walk about lens. Im attracted by the price. Would suit my flash studio photography..

But then I became a little concerned before parting with some cash. That at the longer end, It's a bit slow.. difficult to get a blurred background in street photography.?

Anyone got one and use it with a K1...? How have you found the lens in actual use...? I would be interested in hearing...
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I've got one but generally use primes on my K-1. From reviews I've seen people state the quality of this lens is similar to the IQ of the limited prime lenses. High praise indeed
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I would not in any way compare it to the limiteds personally but It is a very good lens. So good that it shames the 24-70mm somewhat imo - had both side by side for few days. It's razor sharp wide open and throughout the range; seems to have great micro contrast and very nice colors. It has one serious fault and that is abominable vignetting at the wide end. In some circumstances I was unable to remove it in post. Not the end of the world and surely does not disqualify it given the price and other attributes. It's very versatile. Having the extra mm at the long end is nice in comparison to the standard zoom.

As for blurry background probably reverse to what you will be doing but it demonstrates it somewhat I think (sorry could not find a better example quickly):

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It's a very useful lens and I use one on the K-1 most of the time.

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Don't want to be a party pooper, but the 28-105 repeatedly comes up as a common denominator in forum threads discussing shutter-shock with the k-1 in the 1/60-1/200 shutter range. Hand held and on a tripod.

Do a forum search over at Pentax forums.

It seems to affect some users and others not at all. Either way using LV Electronic Shutter deals with the problem completely.

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I had that issue with a camera/kit lens combo of different brand. It happens across the board on occasions. Frankly, I would not worry too much about that. If it actually surfaces, it qualifies you for gear replacement under warranty. It's very easy to demonstrate. 2 years is plenty of time to figure out most potential issues with anything.
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How would the lens affect shutter shock?
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Jonathan-Mac wrote:
How would the lens affect shutter shock?

The first curtain movement creates a minute shock. I guess that certain lenses due to their construction, are affected by the shock more than others, and amplify that shock, leading to a blur effect in a certain shutter range. The K-1 seems to have this 1/60-1/200. Any shorter time and the second curtain closes before the shock can affect the picture, any longer and the shock induced blur is a fraction of the overall exposure and so is not noticeable.

I dont own the 25-105 so cannot comment on that lens although as I said it is a common denominator. I personally have not noticed shutter shock when handholding the K-1 with any of my lenses, but it is noticeable when using a longer lens (DA* 60-250; DA* 300) on a tripod.

Shuttershock is not new and has affected all brands and models to an extent over the years. Using the K1 LV Electronic Shutter when using those speeds on a tripod with a long lens completely eliminates the problem.

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Of course if there were a problem, and it's not something I have ever experienced, then the 28-105mm might be the "common denominator" in that it is probably the most likely lens for the new K-1 owner to have.

I don't think it's a reason for avoiding a lens or camera, sounds a bit unlikely to me.
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I must firstly admit that I didnt know what shutter shock was...!! But after reading up I dont think that alone would stop my purchase.. It seems to be a sharp lens for the money reasonably compact and lightweight. I currently use a Tamron 28-75 f2.8 for my walk about everyday lens.. But now sometimes it can be a little short . Since moving to the K1 Not so easy to walk a bit nearer when you dont always want your subject to know your there....lol My only reservation about the Pentax lens was the speed at the long end. And it ability to blur the background a little..
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The 28-105mm can be thought of as a high quality kit lens, solidly built and ideal if you only want the one lens to walk around with and I have never had a problem with shutter shock or whatever. I have got pin sharp results and nicely blurred background at wide aperture, and excellent interior shots with poor available light.


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Quite a few of us have treated the D FA28-105 as a "Ready for Full Frame, good for now too" option ... Here's a few examples with the K7, of course not showing the whole image circle, but to give a flavour of the quality and versatility you can expect. Most reports indicate that the IQ holds up well to the edges of the FF image circle.

If its still available at the Black Friday deal price (349.00 ?) its a complete steal!
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I got a mint used one for the price Chris is selling them new atm and I thought mine was a good deal.

Very impressed with the limited use I have had from it so far with the K-1, sharp wide open. The only thing I would have liked is a contant f4 and starting at 24mm like the Canon L lens but then that's a good 20% dearer.
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It is my most used lens on the K1. The only negative is the vignetting at some settings. It gives quality results and is remarkably small and light, which is not something you can say about most F/F zooms!
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Im sure it will get a bit of use on my k-7 too Nigel.. Still think it gives the best colour rendition of all the bodies I have.. Are any of your images at the 100mm end and at f5.6 ?
The only thing I would have liked is a contant f4 and starting at 24mm

Did you read my mind Mike....lol But at least the price is right..
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