What's Exposure Metering Time?


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The K10 has a menu item called Exposure Metering Time.

The manual doesn't go into much detail about what it is.

Page 33 and 143 of the K10 manual.




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Spent some time wondering that myself.

If you hit the AE-L button, this locks the exposure metering and a little "*" appears in the viewfinder. The time for which this stays locked has to do with a multiple of the metering time.

The manual is clear as mud in this regard, but I believe the metering time itself is the time from when you half-press the shutter and the exposure is determined, through the time when the display in the viewfinder goes blank at which point you again need to hit the shutter button to re-expose/focus the image.

At least that seems to be what I've seen, but it would be nice if someone has a definitive answer and prove me right or wrong.


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Great. Thanks


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The answer is tucked away in the specifications on page 223.
AE Lock:
Button type (timer type: two times the meter operating time set in Custom Setting) Continuous as long as the shutter button is halfway pressed)

So, yes, it's the time the meter operates for when you half press (hence "Meter Operating Time", and as specified, the AE-L is twice that time.

Clearer than mud now
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