What is a Screw-Mount Takumar Lens?


Link Posted 16/07/2003 - 18:39
I just got my hands on a 25-30 year old Asahi Pentax K-1000 and am looking for a good zoom lens (28-100X for now). In the manual it talks about a Takumar lens. Do I need this to atach a zoom lens or UV/Skylight filter? And what is a Mount Adapter K? The manual is not too specific on these pieces. Thanks.


Link Posted 16/07/2003 - 23:51
Takumar lenses were the name given to the screw mount lenses on Pentax cameras prior to 1975, when the K mount (bayonet) was introduced. The Takumar name later appeared on some budget Pentax bayonet lenses.

You need K mount and later lenses for the K1000. Lenses descibed as K, M, A, F and FA will all bayonet directly onto your K1000. Earlier screw mount lenses can also be fitted using an adapter called the Mount Adapter K, but this is not the most convenient choice.

Almost all lenses have a filter thread on the front to accept filters. The size for your 50mm lens is 49mm and many other sizes are used. Most zooms will use 52mm, 58mm or 67mm filters in the Pentax range.
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