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Hi all,

I am going away in a few weeks for my first trip abroad in many years, and I have decided I am going to treat myself to a rugged camera to take with me (I suspect there will be plenty of beach/ sea shooting opportunities).

I have looked at the market, and it seems to me the most attractive options available now are either the Pentax WG-3 or the Olympus TG-2.

As an existing (and happy) Pentax user, I have a natural inclination towards that option. I also like the idea of Qi charging as combined with a wireless SD card the seals on the camera would not need to be frequently opened up, which seems sensible for this type of camera. I am, however, always careful about such a big purchase and like to check reviews etc before deciding. Unfortunately, there seems to be very little info out there on the Pentax. There are plenty of places listing the specs, but few full reviews. Those there are seem to be patchy in their opinion of the image quality.

Does anyone here actually own one of these, and if so, do you have any opinions based on real world usage, especially in comparison to the Olympus?

Many thanks,

PS - I should probably add that I am primarily concerned with still imagery. Video features are nice and all, but not my biggest concern.
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I've been happy with the Pentax W90 and it is indeed truly waterproof.

The WG-3 attracts me because of the wide aperture lens and improved water sealing. Not that I'm going to do any diving, but it's no bad thing that the spec has been upped.

One advantage of sticking to the same make is that the operating logic, and the menu structure, are the same.

The WG-3 is very new so there's not been much timne yet for reviews. In any event, with compact cameras reviews will inevitably be less flattering than DSLRs because the image quality is not as good. However, it's still better in practical use than those reviews would indicate, especially at closer quarters.
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