Link Posted 21/11/2001 - 12:48

Welcome to the Pentax User forums. You can chat with other Pentax User subscribers here and share thoughts and views.


Link Posted 21/01/2002 - 17:03
Hi everyone,

I'm Technical Assistant here at Pentax User magazine and I adminster these forums. We've had a few people mention that the forum registration process was complicated so I've added a little note explaining that you don't need any of your subscripition or membership information to use this forum.

Can anyone else suggest how else we could improve these forums? I realise there's only a few of us using this at the moment, but these things do take time to build up.

Please don't hesitate to suggest anything you'd like to see added here or on the web-site.
Technical Assistant
Pentax User Magazine


Link Posted 14/06/2002 - 16:38
Great! a forum for Pentax which looks half decent.
Only comment so far as a newbie to the board it feels a bit slow and unresponsive?
(I have ADSL)

keep up the good work

I love cameras ending in -tax


Link Posted 16/06/2002 - 01:45
Hi Kwen, glad you like the forum. I'm suprised you're finding it slow, are you in the UK? I'm also on ADSL and haven't had any problems with speed.
Technical Assistant
Pentax User Magazine


Link Posted 16/06/2002 - 23:23
Hi Will,

Yes I am in the UK, perhaps it was my connection that day..
seems to be OK now. (BTOW playing up)
I love cameras ending in -tax
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