We woz robbed.


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I went to bed at 03:00 this morning and my wife got up at about 09:30. Between those times we had a visitor.

They took my card wallet and ancient bottom of the range phobile moan from next to my K20, but left the camera.

They took a couple of pouches of baccy from the corner where my 150-500 lives.

They leant across 4 DA*s and three other lenses to and took 10 in cash from the shelf.

So now I am going to sharpen up my security and re-consider insurance.

And of course be even more distrustful of canikoners.


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Good grief
let the education continue

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At least all are safe and no one was hurt in any way. Just have to do your insurance and hopefully upgrade your home security.

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Blimey Oggy that is horrible

I'm glad to hear everyone is OK, definitely have a rethink on security measures
Regards Huw



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Straight on the phone to the bank in the morning then...and Sentinel Card Services (other Credit/Debit Card Security Services are available)

And make sure you phone The Old Bill,I doubt if they`ll want to leave their cozy mess room to come out to take a statement but atleast if you report it,you can get a Crime Reference Number and quote it on any Insurance claim you may wish to make.

Sounds to me like a Chancer as any self respecting "creeper" would have taken anything that looks as though it would make enough for a few "wraps"

Like everyone else,it`s good to hear that no one was hurt as you never know what might have happened if your unwanted visitor was confronted.

If you`re going to look for Home Security,shop around (as I`m sure you will).Don`t just have a look in BBQ or your local Home Security R Us,take a look at what The Holiday Camp (Maplins) has to offer as well as everyone else in the yellow Yages/Googlie Local

In closing,this might well be a Wake Up Call for all of us to check our Contents Insurance policies.I know I`ve got 75K`s cover but there`s always the small print that scuppers you somewhere down the line.


Hope Mrs Oggy is ok!..must have been a shock to her too.
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No joy Oggie, I have a feeling neither you nor any family members will sleep that well for a while. Commiserations.

Have you worked out how s/he / they got in? Have the neighbours suffered the same fate per chance? Good to hear no-one was physically injured at least.
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O'my god
But glad no one was hurt.

Security get a dog

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Sorry too hear that Oggy, Sounds like it may have been kids looking for a few quid spending money.

When my place was robbed they took my bag with the video camera in it and left my camera bag sitting beside it worth ten times as much.
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Bad luck Oggy, sounds like you need a G S D best security you could ever have. we aslo have a picture in the window that states any parts of the intruder found will be prosecuted, so be warned.

Kind regards John.
Regards John/Jumbo


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I can sympathise with you fully, similar thing happened to me last year. I wasn't so lucky, my whole bag got nicked with my dslr and two film bodies. So I am glad you got away lightly in terms of what was stolen, although I can imagine what you must be going through especially with with a wife and kids in the house.


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When I read the title, I thought you were a disgruntled Aston Villa supporter!

Sorry to hear it, Mate.
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That's 'orrible Oggy. If you're anything like me it's probably just as well you slept through it. I guess the trick would have been to make a lot of noise upstairs and give them a chance to run, but I fear I would be like my little dog and go in full of bravado and have nothing to back it up when it got nasty! ha ha.
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Buy a Gun Safe ...

Ideal for storing cameras and other valuables. I have one - bolted to wall and floor and it uses a 7 lever double bitted key with five 25mm diameter pins to hold the door shut. The door is anti-jemmy. If it is considered good enough to store 9 rifles or shotguns then it will be ideal for a camera. I had mine "modified" with a couple of extra shelves and my laptop lives in there too.
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Sorry to hear that but glad you two weren't hurt, that's the most important thing.

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Sounds like the usual "money for drugs" sort of thieves, they're not particularly intelligent.

A few years ago my parents had one of two bikes stolen (locked to a bike rack at a supermarket). The scumball responsible was evidently from the shallow end of the gene pool as they took a 100 Halfords special and left a 400 Giant ATX!

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