Waterhead - Ambleside


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Taken with the D FA 21mm Limited and the D FA* 50mm on the K1 MkII


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This set doesn't have your trademark style. What jumped out at me was image two. We must have been stood at the same spot taking the same picture at different dates. It's that close I thought it was mine, sky accepted. Image 3 may be just too dark? I'd try desaturation as well, just keeping some low colour but emphasize the dramatic sky.

Wither way, a great stock set of images with strong content and definitely worth "reprocessing" to see the alternatives.

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Where to start without sounding like a fan boy? No. 2 for me followed closely by No. 1. The rest appeal as well, but the first two have stories within and you know how I love to create / imagine stories. Like some of the others on this site, you don't just look, you see. Great work, John.
Be well, stay safe.


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K10D wrote:
This set doesn't have your trademark style.

That's what I thought, too - not that it's not of the usual quality, of course! The first two are lovely to look at, but the processing intrigues me, perhaps the tones are a little on the cool side? 3 and 4 both seem a little dark, especially 3, but the reflected sky on the lake surface in 4
is superb - looks like glass!

No trip to Keswick is complete without lakeside ferry photos! Lovely!
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Thank you for your comments - they matter to me and do help re-assess what I've produced. I'm not sure why the first couple appear so "cool", I hadn't noticed it but they do! I don't mess with colour temperature or saturation but these did have some graduated filter effects added to help with the over-exposed skies ?

The 3rd shot was darkened to emphasise the impact of the clouds with the sun cracking through - it doesn't work, so here's another attempt that lightens areas that were lost - see what you think...



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I love all of these, again especially the b+w ones.

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