Wanted 70mm or 77m Limited


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After just a few hours, I'm enjoying my K-5 +16-45mm F4 enough to want nice bokehlicious prime. I'm to sure yet whether I want the 70mm or 77mm so let's see what comes up. Even if you are not selling, I would welcome input as to which to get.

I might even be tempted by 100mm f2.8 macro.

Many thanks all.
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The 77mm is a superb lens....on par with the 31mm!....fantastic as a portrait lens!
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PM sent

K5, DA15, FA31, FA77, DA*200


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I'm going to swap the 16-45 for a 17-70 if I can find one at the right price. The 16-45 is a vey good lens - I'm amazed at how good it is for the money - but I'd like that bit more reach. Anyone selling one?


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Just a little bump.

I'm adding the 55mm f1.4 & Fa* 85mm f1.4 to the list. So these are the lenses I'm interested in:

70mm f2.8
77mm f1.8
55mm f1.4
85mm f1.4
17-70mm f4

My plan is to buy the 17-70 and one of the others. I'll then sell my 16-45.

Please let me know if you are selling any of these.

Many thanks... Paul


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If you haven't already seen it, you might find https://www.pentaxforums.com/reviews/da-70mm-vs-fa-77mm-limited-comparison/intro...
of interest.
Regards, Christopher



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Thank you CMW. Very interesting reading. I think either will be very useful for me with perhaps the 77mm shading it for me. I'm still open to both options.


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I read that review before settling on the DA 70.

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Reasonably priced 70mm on EBAY atm.

Seriously thinking about selling my 55mm 1.4 as I rarely use it.
No equipment list here but thanks for taking an interest. My Flickr


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55mm is a length I'm very used to - the only lens I used on my previous camera (Fuji S5 Pro) was a manual-focus Zeiss 50mm f1.4. Lovely lens but focusing was a pita.

The guy with the 70mm recently auctioned it with a start bid of 350 but got no bidders, I just offered him 300 but he turned it down. I'd rather buy from here if poss.


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The 70mm was going for around 300 used before the price rises but considering the amount they went up recently I don't think his price is unreasonable at all.
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