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Went to a local general auction this morning, as is my want, there being a box of assorted Pentax bits and pieces on offer. To be accurate there were 11 Pentax and Pentax fit lenses along with 4 old film bodies (LX & MX) plus various other oddments. The lenses, in the main, were the usual suspects and some were banging about in the box sans caps or protective filters and none were mint. My wife and I had spent half an hour making an inventory and came to the conclusion that top whack for us would be about 300. The Auctioneer's estimate was 100-200 on the Lot.
The two best lenses present (in my view) were a SMC-M 50mm F1.7 and a Pentax M 100mm f4 Macro....
There were two or three other old geezers present hoping for a punt but nobody in the sale room stood a chance or put in a bid - all the bids were on-line with an opener of 380 and the subsequent bids went up by 100 a time! Gob-smacked about sums it up.
So the winning bidder ended up paying about 850 for what was, put coldly, a box of useful old junk.
Is there something going on I should know about??
Two years back, at another auction , I picked up a box also, by coincidence, containing 11 assorted pentax lenses of similar provenance for 150...



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How many were the LX's?

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