Vitreous detachment


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Our eyes are very important to us all, and not just because we are photographers.

Last night my left eye showed a change in the "floaters" that have always been visible in it, and I experienced a semi circle of flashing lights. Having been through this a couple of years back I knew immediately what it was... vitreous detachment. Quite common, with usually no adverse affects. But in some cases it can lead to retinal detachment as well. The latter is very serious and often leads to complete vision loss in that eye.

So first thing this morning I was at my optician who saw me immediately. They confirmed there was no sign of retinal detachment, but I have to monitor it for a number of weeks as the vitreous detachment completes and if there are any changes to vision or flashing lights to go to the emergency department.

So I imagine this will be just like the other eye and all will be well. But if you ever experience this please do not hesitate to get yourself seen immediately. If the more serious retinal detachment occurs at the same time it can usually be operated on if detected in the first 24 hours. Leave it any longer and you may lose your sight.

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Good to know. I suffered a rugby injury during rugby. Someoneís knee met my right eye. Had a lower orbital fracture and retinal tear. Funny thing is, the only thing that made me think something was wrong was when I was breathing in sharply through my nose, my eyesight would waiver marginally, as if one eye was moving independently of the other.
Turns out, that was exactly what was happening. The lower orbit trapdoor fracture had broken the boundary between the sinus and the back of the eye, the sharp inhalation was creating a vacuum so dipping the eye down.
That MINOR feeling is what lead me to go to hospital, and 2 operations (leaving a titanium mesh in there) and one laser surgery (to spot-weld the retinal tear) and Iím very luckily as right as rain, less a bit of double-vision in extremes of vision downwards and to the right, due to scar tissue. It also goes blotchy/puffy under that eye for the same reason.

Moral of the story is no matter how minute an odd feeling in the eye(s) might be, itís worth getting them checked out.

Wishing you well, Peter. Hope itís not a negative experience this time.



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Wishing you a good recovery, Peter.

All the best.



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Thanks. The good news is this does not affect the vision really at all , excepting floaters which you become used to and flashes which go in a week or two.

The important thing is get checked in case it is something more serious.

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Not nice to experience but hopefully everything will be fine Peter and thank you for sharing the knowledge!

Our eye health is incredibly important (and something we often take for granted - as they "just work"), I'm not a big one for tablets, supplements, etc. but I do take an eye health supplement that supposedly helps reduce eye problems as we age - I've been taking them for about 3 years now and although I can never prove their worth I've noticed that my eye seem to deal with light sensitivity much better than before.

I won't recommend a brand but the main ingredients are Lutein, Meso-Zeaxanthin and Zeaxanthin - Dr Michael Mosley did a BBC programme on the subject a few years ago, and although testing was limited the results were quite interesting.



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Extremely helpful, Peter, thank you. Good advice from everyone else, appreciated.
Be well, stay safe.



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Strange that I posted the same thread on the three photo forums (fora ?) that I frequent.

One of them, who shall remain nameless, removed it because it was "off-topic".

If one person saves their sight because they remember this post it will be worth it.

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Sorry to hear Peter, but glad it is benign. And thanks for the information!


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I experience vitreous detachment last summer in my right eye, it was quite disconcerting to has a sudden change in my eyes. I kept quiet about the problem in my right eye for around 24hrs, eventually I told my wife who is a retired staff nurse and she explained the possible consequences and took me to A&E immediately.

The doctor explained I should have come in straight away.

This has also now happened in my left eye as well now, but thankfully my retinas have not detached and you lean to cope with floaters, which can be very frustrating.

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