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Sat watching the movie "Kodachrome".

The last roll developed was at Dwayne's photo lab in Kansas. Who knew? (I missed this post: https://www.pentaxuser.com/forum/topic/the-last-roll-of-kodachrome-25804)


Everyday is a school day.

The film is hard hitting by the way.

Best regards
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There was this thread too. Unfortunately, the images all link to my defunct Flickr account although they are all now posted on my Ipernity account. This album is fun if very nerdy.
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I mentioned elsewhere rediscovering some 50 year old Kodachrome slides in the attic I thought lost. They are of a road trip around Norway I went on with a friend which I am now digitising, although the slides will probably outlive the digital versions. The quality isn’t great, due to the limitations of the equipment and my youthful lack of skill, and the film struggled with the huge dynamic range of bright Northern light, but there is a surprising amount of detail that Lightroom can extract. The best ones are going into a photo book as a memento, a copy of which I would love to give to my travelling companion if she can be traced but that is a very long shot.
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