Vibration using bulb setting on Pentax K10D


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When I use my Pentax K10D in Bulb setting it makes a sort of ticking noise and produces a vibration which causes the effect like a heart trace seen in the picture of the car lights. The vibration is severe enough that if the camera is placed on a table it can be felt by placing your hand on the table top. Does anyone have any insight as to what is causing this and more importantly what if anything I can do to correct it please?

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Hi Chris in the handbook it recommends that you turn off the shake reduction when using a tripod. It might be the shake reduction working ?. Derek
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Second Derek's suggestion

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Hi Derek,

Afraid not but thanks for the suggestion - I'm hoping it is something simple like a setting.



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does it have mirror lock up facility ? If yes have you tried this ?
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On a tripod I use the 'mirror up then 2 second delay' option in the drive settings. Plus no shake reduction as suggested. Your problem does sound a bit odd though.
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Hi Mike,

It does have a mirror lock up facility and it has exactly the same vibration when I use it.



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Not all the EXIF information is contained in the file you have posted (it's been pulled out by Adobe PS-CC). I could have sussed most of the required info from a full JPEG or RAW file.

Just tried the same action on a K10D here. No real difference between SR-On and SR-Off. I suspect SR has been disabled in Bulb mode. I can hear the magnets energised, making a very quiet purring noise - presumably as it keeps the sensor centred.

Do check what firmware version you have (I have v1.30).
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Hi Mike,

Thanks for your comment. It seems I am running version 1.0.
Having played with it for a bit I suspect the dust removal may be activating for some reason. I've tried deactivating it but still getting the same ticking so I could be wrong.

I tried to upload a RAW file but the uploader informs me it's the wrong type of file.



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Hi Chris,
I suggest you download firmware v1.30 and update your camera. Pretty sure there were SR issues that were fixed

See the Instructions and download the Windows installer

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Many thanks Matt,
Will try this.


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OK. Successfully updated to 1.31 - sadly still got the rocking. Thanks for trying Matt


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it's the solenoid holding the mirror up
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