Using older flash guns

George Lazarette

Link Posted 18/03/2004 - 01:07
Somebody recently requested an "Authoritative Source" to confirm my oft-expressed view that older flashguns were unlikely to hurt new cameras.

I copied this from the DPReview Pentax forum. Somebody asked Pentax USA for their advice. As you can see, the interlocutor was still not satisfied that Pentax USA was sufficiently authoritative; but less cautious souls will no doubt take heart.

Why he asked their advice when he didn't "completely trust PENTAX USA" is of course another matter.



Can you tell me what are the limitations on
voltage when using the PC socket on the *istD? I
mean, is it safe to use this socket with say
SUNPAK Auto 522 which has a trgger voltage of
180V or so?


Thank you for contacting Pentax USA, Inc.

Our technicians indicate the trigger voltage is 300V. This should be quite sufficient for most any flash unit.

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact our Customer Service Department at: 800-877-0155
Thanks again,

Joe Virgil

Pentax USA, Inc

I take it that they mean rather: "...the SAFE trigger voltage is 300V..."

if this is indeed so it's good news (for me and other users that still carry the old and good stuff from yesteryears..). Compare that with Canon much more severe limitations...

Anyhow, I still use this flash with an optical coupler to play it safe pending a more reliable estimate (somehow I don't completely trust PENTAX USA...)


Link Posted 20/03/2004 - 00:37
Truly said that ignorance is bliss. The manual for my newly acquired, second-hand P30 warns against non-dedicated flash. If only I hadn't read that. Now I'm wondering about my old flash units,a Chinon 900, a Prinz Jupiter 372 and a little Mecablitz. They don't deserve to go to EBay purgatory but with no tech. spec. and no info on the net I feel nervous about trying any of them in conjunction with the P30. Is there a brave soul who has been happily using non-pc flashes on P30s? Without zapping the electronics that is.
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