5P sync cable question

George Lazarette

Link Posted 21/02/2004 - 18:39
Can anybody tell me whether I can mount a Pentax flash on the camera, and connect it via its 5P socket to another Pentax flash with a 5P socket?

Presumablyly I CAN, but will it work, and provide full TTL operation? It looks to me as though it might, but I can't find anything to confirm that. Would the connections be reversed?

You can gather from this that I am trying to avoid buying the ludicrously expensive hotshoe adapter F!

Kim C

Link Posted 22/02/2004 - 19:58
Hi George,
I must admit I haven't tried it but a quote from Boidor's page on off camera flash says "All AF flashes (those in the FT, FTZ, and FGZ series) and all SF-, Z/PZ-, and MZ-/ZX- series bodies support digital flash operation (note that the bodies also support analog operation whereas the flashes not). The digital communication protocol requires five distinct connectors, hence five-pin (5P) cord must be used between the body and the flash along with the appropriate adaptors. Any combination of five-pin cords and adaptors that physically fit between the camera's hot-shoe and the flash will result in a properly working off-camera flash."
I would think if it is digital, it should work. Why not try it, if it doesn't work try ebay. I got a hot shoe adapter for about 14 inc post.

George Lazarette

Link Posted 23/02/2004 - 11:51
Thanks Kim,

You did well to get an adapter - I don't imagine they come up that often.

I suspect the function of the adapter is to reverse the wiring, so that the adapter RECEIVES data through the 5P socket whilst the flashgun SENDS data through its socket, so connecting flashguns together through their sockets probably won't work.

Kim C

Link Posted 23/02/2004 - 12:43
Hi George,
I don't think it is as easy as that. If it were just one remote,that might be the case and perhaps was with the analogue guns. The digital guns work differently and as you can daisy chain them, there ought to be a signal channel and a power channel. i.e. one to fire the gun and one for control. If this is the case it should work a bit like USBwhere everything is on the same line. I suspect the main reason for the adapter is to replace the old 4P cords that I use with the LX in other words for one flash, it merely provides a converter so that you can attach a cord the gun. This would avoid the need to have several different cords. For the 4P system there are 4 different ones!


Link Posted 02/03/2004 - 09:19
I picked up a hot shoe adaptor F, off camera hot shoe adaptor F and 5P cord from KEH.com. Price was very good.
I am now waiting on a hot shoe adaptor FG for use on MZ-7 and ZX-L.
I intend to run 2 AF330FTZ flashes with the popup flash for fill-in.
be it a Glock or a Pentax, Any day shooting is a good day.

George Lazarette

Link Posted 17/03/2004 - 19:47
Wish you wouldn't bid against me for these things!

Puts up the cost of living (or lighting).
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