Using ink on B&W print?


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I have a problem with a black and white print, that I was looking to enter into a British Nature competition at the local camera club.

Thought it was the printers fault, but on checking closely its mine as its on the jpeg I sent them. Right slap bang in the centre is a white dot. I was wondering if I could colour this in with ink.

I have used coloured inks previously on photographic paper from the film days. Does it work the same with the papers used for digital prints, or am I wasting my time?

EDIT: Just to add, deadline is tomorrow, otherwise I'd get it printed again.

Incidentally, just noticed the EXIF. Not bad for the K-x with the Siggy 150-500 at the full 500 and wide open at f6.3. ISO 1600


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hi alan
is the dot to the left of the bird
if it is it might be a mark on the reed itself
cheers Neil
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It is a good sharp shot, although I don't like B&W for

I can't really see a white spot unless you mean the one
in the black to the left of the birds foot.

In the days of fibre prints you used to be able to buy
spotting dyes which soaked into the paper and were used
with a very fine artists brush in a dot/spot fashion.
These weren't totally invisible, but as long as the
spotting was done well, they shouldn't cause any
problems with the judge.... it's part of photography

I'm not sure what you could use for this. Black ink and
a brush possible. Felt tips tend to be slightly blue and
Indian Ink doesn't soak in.

All you can do is try whatever you can get on a similar piece
of paper to see if it will blend in.

You could risk it and blame the printer or offer to spot it
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Honestly, I think whatever you do might make it worse, none of us seem to be really sure we can see it
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You'd be fine if Ken was the judge, ha!

Once you mentioned it, and I spoted it, it becomes a big distraction. I think you should attempt to fill it in - back in the day it was possible to get touch up ink, but the challenge is to not only find the right tone, but also the correct level of reflectance without it being obvious. Sorry I can't give specific advice.


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Thanks for thoughts so far guys. I am tempted to leave it.

As I said I initially thought it was a printing issue.

It is a good sharp shot, although I don't like B&W for

Its a case of 2 colour, 2 B&W and 2 PDI. I'm not too keen on B&W for wildlife. This didn't make my cut for colour or PDI. But having converted this I do like it

Here is a close up




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It needs cloning out in Photoshop. Spotting prints works best on fibre based prints and I doubt it would be suitable for digital ones. In any event, you don't have time to practice the skills needed to prevent the end result being dreadful.
Best regards, John


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Thanks John

I mounted it, and kept going back to it. Finally decided there was nothing to lose because I wouldn't be happy entering it.

So, I had a go with a black Staedtler 0.3mm fineliner. Can still notice it slightly but much happier now.

Snapped this with the Q




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And not so close up




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If you want touch ups to be less noticeable, use matte finish spray varnish on the print AFTER the touch ups. You need to cover the whole picture with a fine even coat, and the touch ups will blend in perfectly.
Yves (another one of those crazy Canucks)


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Thanks Yves. I'll get some in for future.



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Well my touch up did the job. It was first in the B&W print British Nature competition.

And this one was second




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Two cracking shots Alan.


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Well done Alan. It's unusual, a B&W nature comp.
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Well done. I take it you just had two entries

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