Using a Manual Focus lens on a K10D


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Hello, You may have already had this question on the forum in the past so please forgive me for reposting the enquiry.

Is it possible to use an old manual lens on a K10D and obtain the correct exposure using a lens such as a Pentax-M or M42 mount lens. Which obviously don't have any electronic contacts.

If you can, then please let me know what I need to do to undertake such action.

Best Regards, Paul
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Yes you can use old M42 lenses on the K10D

Ist item you need is a M42 to PK adapter (ebay have cheap imports which work OK - slight problem with some lenses not focusing on infinity, but not all have this quirk)
True Pentax ones are available but cost more.

2nd thing to do is to set Using Aperture Ring (under custom settings) to 2

Set the camera to manual focus.

I tend to take a shot then make adjustments accordingly to aperture or shutter, but I believe the "green" setting automatically does the exposure.

As far as PK-M lenses are concerned just set the camera to manual before shooting.

Laving the Using Aperture Ring set at 2 causes no problems I know of when reverting to auto lenses



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Seconded as above

I now use mf lenses more often that af ones.

For m42 lenses I use the camera in av mode and the camera constantly keeps up with the metering and is usually spot on.

The focus confirmation indicator (green light centre/ bottom of the view finder) is also pretty accurate - the centre af point is the only that will light up though
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I haven't used M42 lenses, but use M and K lenses often. In the 'custom' menu:

'Using aperture ring' - set to 'permitted'.
'Green button in manual' - set to 'Tv Shift'.

Now with the camera in 'Manual', simply pressing the green button will (hopefully... more or less...) set the correct shutter speed for whatever aperture you have selected on the aperture ring.

Alternatively you can use Av mode and just shoot the lens wide open.... great option if you are using a lens for really low light or shallow DOF. I've been using an M 28/3.5 wide open, and it's sharp enough for me!


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Agree with the comments about, M lenses are superb!

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