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Haven't posted for a while, but this might be interesting.
The 645 takes some getting used to as a macro camera, as 1:1 macro on such a large sensor isn't really very impressive. So big objects or, in this case, lots of extension tubes is the order of the day.
This little fellow is about 7mm.
As it was a horrible day, I rigged up a warmed-up flash some way away to simulate the early sun.
They actually move really fast and never stay still.
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That's an extraordinary photograph, Mark. There's so much about it that is excellent. Really like the translucency in the feelers, the detail in the shell, the star burst in light sparkling in water droops, colour, lighting, composition, bokeh etc. Indeed it is well worth enlarging.

Would really like to know a little more about what you used to make it, e.g. lens, aperture, iso, processing - or at least the parts that are not your trade secrets!

Thanks for posting, it's a winner


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Many good photos can be viewed and assessed in a matter of seconds. Images such as this draw you in and offer so much quality, detail and beauty that you spend far longer in viewing - another excellent image


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Thank you Ronnie,
I've set this up ready for an A2 print
I'm a big fan of contre jour lighting, and outdoors I would have tried to get the sun behind him, but there was none, so I used my trusty Yongnuo, gelled with a warm gel, zoomed to 70mm and placed about 6 feet away beyond the snail, so that the light was specular like the sun and placed just out of shot. Lens flare and contrast was controlled further with a large black card strapped to the lens.
Macro is always more impressive when you are at eye-level to the subject.
I bought him indoors and put him on some dewy leaves carefully brought inside. I placed a pot of herbs in the background about a foot away and nearly in the way of the light so they would also be lit.
I set up the camera on a tripod and got a chair, because I was expecting to need a lot of patience.
There was no need for fill light or reflectors as I was so close there was plenty of light bouncing back onto the subject.
ISO 200, f16, 1/50th, FA645 120mm macro, 40mm extension tube.
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Posts crossed. Thank you Lennybloke
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Just magnificent.
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Yup... That really is very good indeed... Detailed and very beautiful...




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Truly exceptional. And I never would have guessed that it was completely staged, it looked so natural to me, especially the green tones. I agree with the other posters, so much done right and so much detail to enjoy. Terrific.
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That's a delicious shot! Love the bokeh and 'rain droplets'
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Its been said above - about drawing you into it, bokeh, exceptional etc! A great image!


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Well worth the efforts, and thanks for explaining the flash set-up. Good to see some of the versatility of the 645z .
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Thank guys,
Incidentally Nigel, the Flash was on full power, like the sun
I have 2 very capable Metz 58s and a couple of old Pentax 540s, but the Yongnuos keep getting the gig I love those things
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For me, the lighting is the most impressive aspect of this shot, it really does look like the early morning sun.

Well done Mark, very impressive.


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