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Hello all. I thought I would post a handful of shots I have taken this week. Now that the days are getting longer again I thought I would shove a camera in my bag in case I was inspired on my way to and from work.

The first of these was taken with the 10-17 fisheye, but the rest are all with the DA15 Ltd, which I had a strange hankering to use this week. I was also trying out a small manfrotto micro-tripod-three-legged-spidery thingy which I was bought for christmas, and which I found a bit of a joy to use () - so small and light, very convenient, and effective (albeit very low to the ground).

1: Kings Cross Station:

2. Beneath Waterloo:

3. A slice of someone else's life...:

4. Light(s) at the end of the tunnel:

5. Early morning, Putney Bridge (took this as I paused for a drink on my sunday morning bike ride)

6. Bit more experimental... Pinhole London Eye:

Hope you like them. There are more on my flickr as usual. Any C&C welcomed. Next week I think i'll load up with the DA 21...

Mat W

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Like them very much Mat. Also appreciate the diversity in your work



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Nice set Mat, and as Blythman said the diversity in your work is to be appreciated, thanks for sharing them with us.

How did you get the pinhole shot?
Regards John/Jumbo
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Great! Love number 4.
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Wish I had taken them.I now live in Scotland but know all the locations. superb.Put No.3 as my pc wall paper.



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Great shots!
Are 2,3 and 4 HDR??
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Great set Matt. I particularly like the grafitti shots and the bike wheel.



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This is a great series. Like them all but the bike shot would be my pick if I had to select just one. Very effective combination of a quirky perspective and a long exposure.

Some of my vaguely better stuff


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Thanks everyone. Much appreciated.

Shots 2, 3 and 4 are not HDR, although they have that feel to them I think. They are all from a single RAW file, which I process as usual with photoshop, and then apply a combination of filters to using a package called Color Efex Pro. I was trying to get a sort of 'gritty' feel so I used a bleach bypass and detail extractor filter I think - generally I have a bit of a play until I find a recipe I like. Added a bit of a vignette as well I think.

The 'pinhole' shot was not taken using a physical pinhole. It was a longish exposure (about three seconds I think) which gave a bit of blur, and I then gave it the pinhole look by making it black and white, adjusting the exposure, adding vignette and burning the edges a bit.

Thanks again all
Mat W

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Blythman wrote:
Like them very much Mat. Also appreciate the diversity in your work


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Very nice - number 5 is my favourite
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AndrewA wrote:
Blythman wrote:
Like them very much Mat. Also appreciate the diversity in your work


Couldn't agree more

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