The Red Arrows


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I am lucky enough to work at the UK Defence Academy, which means occasionally we get treated to some fancy flying from whatever RAF flyboys happen to be around. Yesterday was even better than usual as we were treated to a display by the fantastic Red Arrows.

Despite concerns that the MOD Police might mistake my Tamron 300 F2.8 for a rocket launcher, I took a few shots which I thought I'd share. Hope you like them, comments and suggestions welcome!

The first one was taken with my DL2 and Dads DA 55-300, the other three with my K10D and Tamron 300mm F2.8 prime. The motion blur in shots 3 and 4 bring it home just how fast these guys fly, as they were taken at 1/500th and 1/350th respectively.
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The second image
The second plane from the top is not in perfect line, tut tut tut!!!

Apart from that Very good shots

You clearly work in a great job

Well done

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I like the 1 and 2 .Nice framing


Link Posted 20/07/2009 - 13:06
great caputurs 1 + 2 for me as well


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Nice set of shots, must be the most photographed planes there is.


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thanks guys, very kind. Don't worry Paul, I'll pass on your comment to the proper authorities and I'm sure there will be a public flogging! lol
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Father Ted

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1 & 2 for me.
And how lucky are you getting access to this sort of treat?...where is the "green with envy" smiley?
Getting there! Thanks to you guys

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Oh excellent, especially the first one. I must visit an airshow with my new(ish) camera setup....
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excellent captures mongoose, especially the first two.

If I may critique: The first could do with a crop to exclude the space on the right perhaps ? They both would be improved a little with a bit more contrast. just my opinion and first class captures they are.

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thanks for the critique Peter, I'm always interested to hear what others would try given the same picture. I'll have a look at a squarer crop later.
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Lance B

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1 & 2 are excellent. Great shots!
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