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LennyBloke wrote:
1stEverPentax wrote:
i noticed three bright disk like craft ...two in loose formation tens of miles (i'm guessing ) apart which travelled slightly diagonally across the face of the moon in a matter of seconds then out into space...the third appeared to be larger and was moving slowly around one or two craters edges above the surface in a slightly erratic pattern which meant it couldn't have beena satellite or anything 'orbital'.....

...That been said I appreciate that my account might be questioned and even ridiculed...I decided at the time it happened when I posted moon pics on here and on ephotozine NOT to mention it. I only told my immediate family about it weeks later in passing when the opportunity presented itself.

The sighting was from May last year and the time was about 19.30-20.00...i've just dug out the SD card with the images on. On a single image I managed to capture what I believe are three of these objects...two in space and one against the Moon surface...the last one i didn't notice at the time it was only when examining the images enlarged that i noticed it. Problem is they are very small and don't display well on this sites restricted sizing. If anyone is interested i would be willing to post on the 'other' site where i could post at about 1400-1500 pix size? I can display shots a few minutes before and after so that you can see that these aren't marks on the sensor. Enlarged to 150% on my Serif software there are what look like three glowing spots on two of the disks...i'll try and include those as well.

Sorry for appearing to 'hijack' the thread...wasn't my original intention.

Would love to see the images, not to ridicule or doubt - what you saw is what you saw, I think they'll be fascinating, and I appreciate the quality won't be top notch at those distances

'Tis done...but you'll need to view elsewhere if you get my drift.

Algernon wrote:
You can post large sizes here if it's done by a link to an external site such as Flickr. When clicked it opens as the large size on Flickr see LennyBloke's posts....

derek897 does the same....


Thanks Algi...I will look at Flickr sometime when i've got more time to read the small print and Ts & Cs. See my response to Lenny.



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1stEverPentax wrote:

'Tis done...but you'll need to view elsewhere if you get my drift.


Anyway, had a text from my wife while I was at work this morning. She was down on the beach with my son and a seal was fishing for food right in front of them. I had a blow by blow account of how it was tossing the fish in the air and then jumping up to catch them before diving to get more. This apparently went on for a good 30 minutes or so and apparently I "should have been there as it would have been a fantastic photo opportunity"
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Mike-P wrote:
1stEverPentax wrote:

'Tis done...but you'll need to view elsewhere if you get my drift.


Too cryptic for me too...
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