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I changed my flash this week and have found some good points and some bad, hopefully the bad is something that I can overcome.
The biggest issue is specular highlights, but that is mainly down to diffusing, I also need to come up with a hood for my lens as I had one built into the ringflash diffuser I used to use. I havent manage to eliminate the specular highlights but I have gotten them down by about 80% Id say.

Here are a few flies from today, not quite where I want them to be yet, but getting there
Click through to flickr for larger sizes and more detail.

IMGP7051ed2sm by dr.shutter, on Flickr

IMGP7069ed2sm by dr.shutter, on Flickr

IMGP7105ed2sm by dr.shutter, on Flickr

IMGP7114ed2sm by dr.shutter, on Flickr

IMGP7205ed2sm by dr.shutter, on Flickr
I know what i like, If not always why.
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Brilliant those Derek...especially No.4





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Seriously nasty creatures but we cant live without them, Good shooting and detail
C&C welcome.



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Superbly well shot Derek


" A Hangover is something that occupies the Head you neglected to use the night before".

K1 - Sigma 85mm F1.4, Pentax DFA 150 -450 F4.5 / 5.6, Pentax DFA* 24 - 70 F2.8

Samyang 14mm F2.8, Pentax DFA* 70-200 F2.8

K3iii + K3ii + K5iis converted to IR, Sigma 17 - 70 F2.8, Pentax 55 - 300 F4.5 / F5.6 PLM



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All good. But the last one for me, please. It's an action shot - the beast is trying to do something, rather than looking like it's just standing around waiting for a person with a camera to turn up. And the full res view of the 'fleshy' bit above the middle leg is stunning in a yukky sort of way.

Now here's a thought - how about a fly at the end of a blade of grass with both the eyes of the fly and the tip of the grass in focus and no specular highlights (Steve dives for cover...) ???




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Cheers guys, I will either get it working the way I want or I will revert back to my ringflash, I have a few empty coffee tins, that I plan on re-purposing

Is it possible to unfriend people on here ????? only joking Steve, I am not even going to try

2 more from yesterday

IMGP7167ed1sm by dr.shutter, on Flickr

IMGP7109ed2sm by dr.shutter, on Flickr
I know what i like, If not always why.


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Derek you're wasted with a camera in your hand. I'm sure there's a role for you as a ninja warrior somewhere in Japan with those fly sneaking skills.
All the gear with no idea



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I'm liking #4, that's one scary-looking dude/girl. seemingly jumping out at you from the out of focus area to the left.



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Cheers guys, Haris I'd love a chance to go to Japan 👍👍👍

I know what i like, If not always why.


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IMGP7648ed2sm by dr.shutter, on Flickr

IMGP7635ed2sm by dr.shutter, on Flickr

IMGP7630ed2sm by dr.shutter, on Flickr
I know what i like, If not always why.
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